Take a peek at 7 Very Helpful Project Management Applications!

Take a peek at 7 Very Helpful Project Management Applications!

Project Management Applications – If you are a new project manager in this field, then congratulations! You will face a lot of work to monitor and deal with any complications that may occur in your project!

Do not be afraid! Of course everything can be solved if you know the right project management application to help you get through all this hassle! The project management application can also unite teammates and even have direct discussions without having to interrupt work-life balance!

Curious about what applications can help make your career more ‘relaxing’ and less complicated? Jagoan Hosting has prepared a review, let’s take a peek at the article until it runs out!

1. Asana, good at project management applications

Both beginners and seniors, Asana is already known by project managers as one of the applications that must be mastered.

Take a peek at 7 Very Helpful Project Management Applications!

In Asana, you not only find kanban board or a board that can be used to move projects around. But also communicate directly real time so you don’t have to open another app to contact your co-workers!

Its good appearance makes it easy to visualize the work well. No longer task list messy one!

2. Trello, the favorite of many project managers

project management application

Simple Trello look and to-the-point making it the most popular project management app! One of the important uses of Trello is to see the extent to which work is being done and the effectiveness of employees.

You can directly supervise the work of each employee by seeing what was done that day or related to a particular project. No need to bother!

3. Slack to help more directed communication!

Slack can be an alternative for project management applications. Slack helps to create less discussion space WhatsApp groups which interfere with the daily life of employees!

Slack can also be integrated with Trello, Asana, to reminders to do daily reports with each other, you know!

4. Zoho Project, a very intuitive project management application

Great for projects with multiple teams, Zoho Project has a very intuitive interface even though it’s free!

The cool thing is, Zoho Project can help form a minimalist Gantt Chart, but powerful. There are also timesheets and report templates which will save you a lot of time, right?

5. Wrike, a free app for small teams

project management application

If you’re just starting out as a project manager and still have a small team, there’s nothing wrong with switching to Wrike. This app is limited to 5 people, but don’t ask for features!

Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and iCal plus up to 2Gb of storage make Wrike a great choice. What’s more, everything is free, friend!

6. Taiga.io, the choice of scrum workers

Although it looks similar to some previous project management applications, Taiga.io has fashion templates such as scrum, kanban, and many more. This makes Taiga.io a favorite of scrum workers!

Don’t miss the more minimalist appearance that really makes Taiga straight to the point. The right choice for those of you who are not adventurous!

7. Orangescrum, the right project management application for agile software developer

Still talking about scrum and agile software development. Orangescrum will be perfect for project managers who use the scrum method because it has a variety of views ranging from Gantt Charts to task groups!

Orangescrum looks more advance from the other options, but it doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with the scrum method or even a scrum master!

Those are 7 project management applications that you can use to maximize your project. Don’t forget, as a project manager you also have to make sure the resources used are efficient, economical, and effective.

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