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As a travel photographer, I am often outdoors to take pictures. The problem that I often face when shooting using the screen behind the camera is the reflection interference from the hot sun. The screen becomes difficult to see, the colors turn out, and the process of taking pictures becomes unpleasant.

When using a DSLR camera, I usually use viewfinder — a small hole through which to peek at what the camera sees — problem solved because there is no interference from outside light. However, sometimes I need to quickly upload photos to social media, I can’t help but have to use my smartphone camera outdoors.

Super AMOLED display outdoors still triumphs

Well, this is where the problem begins. Because not all smartphones have a bright enough screen against the hot tropical sun. Often we have to use our hands to protect it. You guys ever? I often.

Until finally I tried the Samsung Galaxy J5 which I reviewed the camera in the previous post. In short, for shooting outdoors, for example on a hot day, I don’t have much trouble looking at the screen Super Amoled 5 inch This is to adjust the composition of the photo. Its Super Amoled screen has the ability to increase the brightness level to a fairly high level. Swipe our finger from top to bottom to bring up the quick settings panel, then to the right of the brightness slider, check the . button “Outdoors” so that the Super Amoled screen with a resolution of HD so much brighter, even more than the maximum level.

Turn on ‘Outdoor’ mode, on outdoors
The condition of the fly when exposed to direct sunlight can still be seen clearly.

As a result, the galaxy J5 is not a problem for outdoor use.

Super Amoled is the screen used for high end samsung smartphones like the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, and the upcoming Galaxy. Seeing it appear in the range of the J series which can be said to be budget class, of course this is a very attractive offer.

Shooting with the front camera
The Super AMOLED screen is fine on a hot day.

Not only good for outdoors, Super Amoled display J5 is also great for enjoying multimedia presentations. Photos, graphics, and videos look very pleasing to the eye. This screen can also be set to the lowest brightness level, so we can use the display when the lights go out without having to hurt our eyes (but not recommended, sorry for our eyes hehe)

Anti-glare shots
Enjoy video presentations with Samsung J5. Have you seen the video here?

For me personally, a smartphone that can actually be used outdoors without difficulty is more than enough.

If you?

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