Taking Local Crafts to the Next Level with Dekranasda

Local crafts have a high artistic value and are not inferior in quality to handicrafts from abroad. Every Indonesian people need to be proud and try to participate in preserving local crafts. Dekranasda trying to advance SMEs in the field of handicrafts in order to compete in the market.

Overview of Dekranas and Dekranasda

Dekranasda and also Dekranasda are a unit that has the same goal. Dekranas is an abbreviation of the National Crafts Council while Dekranasda is the Regional National Crafts Council. This institution is a private organization that cooperates with the government.

This organization has a duty to support the efforts and creativity of the craftsmen. Dekranas strives for the handicraft industry to be able to compete in the national market so that every craftsman and society becomes more advanced and prosperous.

Regional national craft councils have levels ranging from the center to the city. For example, Dekranasda for the West Java region is a partner of the West Java government.

This organization really understands that handicrafts have a very important role in the welfare of millions of Indonesian people. Even the preservation of handicrafts is also very closely related to culture.

Dekranas always strives to provide beneficial programs for the community, especially craftsmen, such as training, providing financial or capital assistance, as well as product promotion assistance.

This guidance is carried out so that the craftsmen are more enthusiastic and more creative in producing high quality handicraft products. Later, if the product has high quality, it will not only be able to penetrate the national market but also the international market.

Dekranasda is in all regions of Indonesia, one of which is West Java

It should be noted that Dekranas does not only have 1 branch. However, there are many in various regions or even throughout Indonesia. One of them is in West Java. Dekranas West Java cooperates with the West Java government to develop handicrafts in the area.

craftsmen batik motif as well as local handicraft stakeholders in Indonesia, are gathered in this organization. Cultural heritage and local crafts continue to be developed in order to be able to compete well. Coaching is carried out continuously so that the spirit of the craftsmen is maintained.

Dekranas representatives also visited handicraft production sites directly to monitor and provide guidance. In addition, craftsmen are also expected to be able to take advantage of existing technology. By utilizing technology, promotion and marketing will be easier.

Training and coaching is carried out to remote villages. The community is also trained to use internet technology to market products and expand networks.

In West Java, it has been developed to the maximum, especially regarding product quality and marketing techniques. One of the handicraft products from West Java, namely the umbrella craft, has penetrated the international market. This umbrella was included in the festival in Moscow in 2019.

Apart from umbrellas, there are also many other products such as products for home decor, hijab fashion and so forth. It has also been proven that handicrafts have high economic value if their potential is maximized properly.

In the area of ​​West Java, there are many souvenir shops that can be used as a place for craftsmen to market their products. It is hoped that in the future there will be many branches of handicraft shops not only in the West Java area, but also outside the region.

West Java Dekranasda Products

The West Java Dekranasda fosters every craftsman to survive in this pandemic period. There are many crafting opportunities that can still be generated in difficult times. Some of the products produced include masks and face shields.

handycrafts The products produced not only have artistic value but also have benefits for the community. In the midst of a pandemic, people can still use quality products that have effective functions.

Activities of the West Java Dekranasda in Expanding the Product Market

One of the efforts made by the West Java organization to expand the product market is by working with IKEA. It is hoped that the collaboration with IKEA can help the community sell products on a large scale. These products will not only be sold to the local community but also to the international market.

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West Java products have very attractive characteristics that have the potential to penetrate the international market. The National Craft Council focuses on helping craftsmen to produce quality products in large quantities.
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