Tanjung Bira, a beach with white sand as fine as flour!

Tanjung Bira Beach is located in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. If you really plan to visit Makassar, you should also visit Tanjung Bira. White sand beach, suitable for honeymoon too.

Of course I didn’t come for the honeymoon, haha. I am one of those people who wish to visit Bira Beach to relax.

Well, I will share about some information like how to get to Tanjung Bira from Makassar, recommendations for lodging, and also which tourist attraction or beach that can be visited!

How to get to Tanjung Bira from Makassar

The distance from Makassar to Tanjung Bira is approximately 200 km. Travel from Makassar to Tanjung Bira approximately 6 hours.

There are three ways to get to Tanjung Bira Beach from Makassar:

  1. Using a deer car from Maliengkeri Terminal at a price of IDR 50,000/person.
  2. Using BMA public transportation but only stop at Bulukumba only. The price is IDR 75,000/person but when you arrive at Bulukumba, you have to continue by angkot for 1-2 hours to get to Bira Beach.
  3. Rent your own car. It’s more suitable if you really go out with friends. Car rental prices for drop off or one way is IDR 500,000 – 600,000.

The cheapest one is via Maliengkeri Terminal but it’s not very convenient. Sometimes the driver waits until it is full, one car can contain 11 people.

It’s best to leave in the morning around 9 to 11 am.

Bira Beach
White sand beach at Tanjung Bira

Recommended Lodging in Tanjung Bira

One of The accommodation in Tanjung Bira that I recommend is Nini’s Beach Bungalow.

The inn is only 5 minutes from the beach. This inn used to be called Sunshine Guesthouse but has now been transformed into something even better.

The owners are a very friendly husband and wife named Gav and Nini who also have a child named Sunshine.

The rooms are made of wood, the facilities are also simple but clean. The price includes breakfast.

Some other lodgings around Tanjung Bira that are quite good are Tevana House Reef and Amatoa Resort.

Sightseeing around Tanjung Bira

Well, around Bira Beach are there any tourist attractions?

1. White Sand Beach

One of the beaches located in Tanjung Bira is White sand beach. From the name you can already imagine the beautiful sand.

There is a restaurant facing directly to the sea, great for photos.

The beach sand is very soft, as soft as flour. It’s so soft it’s not difficult to clean your feet from the sand because the sand doesn’t stick too much.

Oh yes, if you don’t have time to visit Bira Beach, you can also go to Samalona Island which is not too far from Makassar.

  Tanjung Bira Beach, Sulawesi

2. Bara Beach

Very nice beach! I couldn’t believe the sight I saw.

It was like looking at a photo of a Hawaii beach. Coconut trees lined up, perfect for shelter from the sun.

The color of the blue sea and the rolling waves that brush the shores without stopping, are very beautiful.

On Bara Beach there is a resort named Bara Beach Bungalow, usually many couples come for their honeymoon.

Bara Beach can be reached by walking about 20 minutes along the coast of Bira Beach when the sea water is receding.

If it’s high tide, you have to go around 45 minutes by foot through a small road cutting through a forest or you can take an ojek for Rp. 15,000 – 20,000.

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bara beach south sulawesi
Bara Beach

3. Liukang Loe Island and Goat Island

Not only the beaches are beautiful, but around Tanjung Bira there are also interesting spots to visit snorkeling or diving.

I heard that diving Tanjung Bira is very challenging because the current is quite strong.

If you just want to see coral reefs, you can snorkeling just while watching the fish playing in the water.

If you really want diving in Cape Bira there is dive center a professional named Scuba Republic. So you can try discovery dive or other packages.

The first time I tried diving was actually on Wakatobi Island. If you have time, try to go there.

The price for renting tools is around IDR 50,000/set. Boat price for island hopping to Liukang Loe Island and Kambing Island around IDR 250,000 – IDR 300,000 per day.

Liukang Loe Island
Snorkeling in Liukang Loe

4. Panrang Luhuk

Tanjung Bira is famous as a place to build phinisi boats.

This phinisi ship was made as cargo to send daily goods. There are three places to build a phinisi boat in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi or Bulukumba.

The most famous and often read by me is Tana Beru. I went to another phinisi shipbuilding located on the east coast, in Tanetang Village to be exact.

Tanjung Bira Phinisi shipbuilding
Phinisi Shipbuilding

Several phinisi boats of different sizes were built on the shore. To build a large phinisi ship takes about 12 months and is mostly done by craftsmen directly.

Only 12 -15 builders worked to build a ship. If you think about it, it’s great, you can build a big ship traditionally using your hands alone.

I was allowed to get on the boat and see the process firsthand. I am amazed by the workers who have to lift materials and have to climb small stairs.

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5. Pua Janggo

Still around Bira Beach, there is a view point from the top of the hill called Pua Janggo.

To get here you have to walk about 2 kilometers. Up to the top you can see Tanjung Bira Beach and Liukang Loe Island.

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Pua Janggo
Pua Janggo

Tips for visiting Bira Beach

Are you more interested in visiting Bira Beach? Read some of these tips first:

  • The entrance ticket to Bira Beach is IDR 10,000 for Indonesian citizens and IDR 20,000 for foreigners.
  • If you don’t want to get tired of the road, you can rent a motorbike at a price of Rp. 60,000 per day, not including gasoline.
  • For places to eat, you can try Warung Bamboo or Warung Melati. The price is quite cheap and the taste is also quite good.

My experience visiting Tanjung Bira Beach

I really wanted to just relax on the beach, so I immediately made plans to Tanjung Bira.

After living in Makassar for almost four months, it’s a shame if you don’t go to Bira Beach. Moreover, soon I will leave Makassar.

After arranging the things that I needed to bring, I went straight to Maliengkeri Terminal.

Met a tourist from Germany named Ben. Finally, together, we went to Tanjung Bira.

What I like about solo travelusually will definitely meet new friends, so in the end will not be alone.

Just like when I went to Ora Beach with tourists from France

After arriving at Tanjung Bira for some reason the driver didn’t tell me to pay. I even tried to give him money but he left. Maybe it’s because you’re with Caucasians, haha. Or maybe I’m thought to be a foreigner too.

I stayed at Sunshine Guesthouse for 3 days 2 nights. Also met a traveler from Thailand also named Alawiyah. It turns out that Bira Beach is also quite famous for foreign tourists.

It’s also fun, trekking to Bara Beach, seeing the phini shipbuilding and other activities with Ben. The weather is sometimes a bit unstable, sometimes it rains sometimes it’s hot. Wanna come back to Tanjung Bira Beach!

Well, it’s quite complete, the information I provide. From how to get to Tanjung Bira from Makassar, what tours can be done, and recommendations for lodging around Bira Beach. I hope this helps!

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