Tasks, Skills and Job Prospects

Data integration and processing has now become a trend and feels increasingly powerful. No wonder if the profession as a database administrator can not be underestimated much needed in a company.

For those of you who have expertise in the IT field, but are tired of dealing with device problems. So, you should try this profession. So, what is a database administrator and what is the career path in Indonesia? Check out the following review!

Understanding Database Administrators (DBA)

A database administrator is someone who stores and manages company data using special and certain types of software. In this context, the data in question is quite diverse, which includes user accounts, finances, customer information and so on.

In a company, the function of the database administrator is to ensure that all data has been stored, available and properly maintained. So it is not prone to loss and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

We can take the example of a database administrator in a company e-commerce, such as Tokopedia or Shopee. They must ensure that any data and information regarding the shopping flow customer

has been saved and can be displayed properly in platform the. Like shipping tracking.

The scope of this work is quite broad. Of course, every industry or other field that is internet-based and digital requires the role of a DBA in it to ensure that information related to company data is managed professionally.

Type of Database Administrator

In practice in the field, DBA work is usually divided into two main focuses, namely in application and system. Here’s the explanation.

Application database administrator

This field focuses on supporting databases that have been designed in certain software, for example applications for customer

service. They also use a programming language that is quite difficult to do debug program and manage aspects in it.

System database administrator

The DBA in this field is responsible for managing the physical and technical aspects of a database such as installing patches and upgrading to fix program bugs. Usually, the background they have is system architecture. They are also in charge of ensuring every database on the computer is secure.

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Database Administrator Tasks

In general, the core task of the DBA profession is to store, maintain and safeguard data. Where, the database may only be used by certain parties. This profession acts as a gatekeeper who grants or denies access to different parties who want to access the database.

They will be involved in the entire planning process to the database maintenance strategy. They are also the party who will overcome the problems surrounding the database that arise. If sorted, the following are the tasks of the database administrator.

  • Involved in the preparation of database designs based on user needs
  • Doing database storage
  • Make a good database design
  • Perform database maintenance
  • Doing documentation
  • Manage database access permissions
  • Overcome database problems

What Skills to Master?

Knowledge of IT is a basic skill that must be mastered by a DBA. When it comes to data, it’s no wonder that the work will be a bit complicated and requires precision. Not to mention if there is an error in just one data, it can be serious, friend.

Therefore, to be able to complete all the tasks and responsibilities given. A database administrator must have at least some soft skills nor hard skills the following.

  • Problem solving
  • Analytical ability
  • Database manipulation
  • Database design and design
  • Ability to work together in a team
  • Adaptable

Not only that, bro! As well as IT profession On the other hand, you need to master programming languages ​​if you want a career in this field. There are several types of programming languages ​​and tools that must be mastered, namely:

  • Linux
  • Windows operating system
  • Microsoft access
  • SQL
  • Unix
  • Oracle
  • HTML

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Job Prospects and Career Paths for DBAs in Indonesia

Interested in becoming a DBA? Try to develop yourself and master skills on. Make sure you are worthy of this position. Don’t worry about the job opportunities because this position is a position that is quite a lot in demand by companies or other agencies.


advances that require companies and other agencies to have digital-based databases make career opportunities in this profession continue to increase. Moreover, almost all lines of life have also begun to shift towards digitization. Database is one of the important things and needs to be managed.

Usually Indonesian companies want a DBA qualification at least to pass S1. starting with the entry level level, but it is not uncommon for companies that offer high and fast career paths to managers when you already have high flying hours.

Talking about prospects and career paths, of course, it is closely related to salary. How much is the salary of a database administrator in Indonesia, friend? If you are still at the level entry level, His salary starts from IDR 5 million. Meanwhile, if you are already at the senior level, you can get a salary of up to Rp. 14 million. How, tempting isn’t it?

Well, that’s the explanation of the database administrator’s job. Well, don’t hesitate to try a career as a database administrator. There is a great opportunity that you can take advantage of. The company will also provide lucrative wages for this position. Cheers, bro!

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