TBEX Asia 2015 Bangkok

TBEX Asia 2015 at the Quenn Sirikit Convention Center, Bangkok.

If you are reading this blog, of course you know that I and several travel bloggers held a TravelNBLog workshop. A workshop on how to create and optimize your travel blog.

Well, TBEX is more or less the same, even two days, but on a much larger scale.

If TravelNblog participants are only 30 travel bloggers from Indonesia, TBEX participants are 650 travel bloggers from all over the world!

TravelNblog workshop sessions only one material at a time. At TBEX there is SIX material session at a time that we can choose. Sometimes the choice is very difficult, if I could reproduce myself like Naruto’s kage bunshin no jutsu, hehe.

The presenters of TravelnBlog are just morons like me, while the presenters at TBEX are the caliber of Don George and Gary Arndt.

So, where are you going? So it’s even better to play hehe.

And actually, this is the first travel blogging workshop and conference I’ve attended! I am very excited once when invited by Tourism Thailand to attend this event.

And most importantly: The food is really good I’ve learned a LOT!

The first keynote session was opened by Anton Diaz, a blogger from the Philippines.

Well, because we had to choose which class to take, the Indohoy duo and I — my colleague at TravelnBlog who also joined TBEX — split up several times to take different classes. So that I can share later. I admit there are some classes that are very helpful, some are too basic, to those that are so boring that it makes me leave and move to the next class.

I attended several sessions about starting a business from travel blogs, SEO, travel portraits, to how to make a brand/tourism board how to make a media trip for bloggers. I’ll (try to) write a blog post about the session I’m going to later. I hope you have time.

The class that impressed me the most was Lola Akimande, a photographer from National Geographic who taught me how to make a very moving travel portrait!

Travel Bloggers from all over the world.

Blogger from Japan, Blogger from Indonesia, and Blogger from Italy.

What are they doing? FYI, to enter this conference, we have to pay around one hundred dollars. Not a small nominal right?

Some of the bloggers I met were mostly already building a business from their blogs. Even on SEO material, the speaker said he was already earning around $250 per day (yes, PER DAY) from his blog. I’m okay.

And at TBEX, apart from getting material from experts, many brands or tourism boards were also present at this event. But I didn’t see a booth/representative from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism at this conference, it’s a shame.

There is a session speed networking where we can directly make an appointment with a particular brand and introduce our blog to them. Who knows there are things that can be collaborated together, right?

It’s real business for them.

Meeting them, people who are very passionate about travel blogging, made me feel recharged to continue writing on my blog, nothing is happening.

What’s next?

After TBEX is finished, bloggers who have registered for a famtrip from the Tourism Authority of Thailand depart accordingly itinerary which he chose. I myself had the opportunity to go to Rayong and Chantaburi provinces, about 4 hours by road from Bangkok. Isn’t it delicious? That’s why I became a travel blogger hihi!

Are you interested in creating a travel blog and meeting? Just a little leak, the next TravelNBlog workshop will be held in Makassar and who knows we will meet again at TBEX 2016 Asia in the Philippines!

See you when I see you!

Released ‘Krathong’ as a sign of the start of TBEX Asia 2015.
TAT director will release the krathong into the river
This is hilarious :))
tbex 2015 opening
New travel blogger friends from all over the world
TBEX 2015 opening party, with Ayumi blogger from Japan
Thai food is really delicious!
A small portion of TBEX materi material
One of the sessions on TBEX
My friend Ms. Tika from Skyscanner
Farawell party closes with fireworks at Asiatique

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