Technology and Millennial Generation, Two Interrelated Things in the Age of Digitization

Technology and Millennial Generation, Two Interrelated Things in the Age of Digitization

Technology and the millennial generation are two things that cannot be separated, friend! The progress of the times is getting faster, it requires the millennial generation to keep going up-to-date with all the developments in the modern era as it is today.

Moreover, with the application of digitization in various sectors, ranging from digitizing education, work, to communication, the role of technology plays a major role in making all activities in daily life faster, safer, and smoother.

What is Millennial Generation?

You must have often heard the term millennial generation, right? Yep! This term was originally coined by Neil Howe and William Strauss in 1987. They are writers from the United States who popularized the term millennial in a paper entitled Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation.

In short, millennials are the generation when a group of people were born in 1981-2000. However, it doesn’t stop there, other opinions also state that to determine whether someone belongs to the millennial generation or not, you can see it based on the age range, which is between 18-30 years.

Technology and Millennial Generation, Two Interrelated Things in the Age of Digitization

Generation Y, another term for the millennial generation, is known as a group that is already familiar with technology, so that in the process of their productive activities, the millennial generation relies on digital technology for various kinds of daily needs, for example using the internet to communicate and find the latest information.

So, don’t be surprised if technology and the millennial generation are intertwined with each other. This also benefits the millennial generation in dealing with the times, so it doesn’t need to take a long time to adapt to technology.

Interesting Facts about Technology and Millennials

Behind the popularity of the millennial generation, it turns out that there are a number of interesting facts that you must know, lol! So, what makes the millennial generation so unique compared to other generations? Let’s see, come on!

1. Gadget Usage

It feels like, gadgets It’s something that can’t be separated from everyday life, isn’t it? Everything can be done easily with just one click just. Conveniences offered by a gadgets turns out to make the millennial generation spend their time using smartphone, tabuntil laptop up to 85%!

Can you imagine how gadgets become so important for the millennial generation? Hence, many of the millennial generation are a little annoyed when dealing with people who are not very proficient in using technology (or slang for that matter). I’m cluelesstechnologically Backward).

2. Income in Work

Although the millennial generation is known as a hard-working group (hard worker) and is very concerned with careers, but the facts on the ground prove that the money income earned by the millennial generation is not greater than that of the younger generation. baby boomers.

If you are still unfamiliar with this term, baby boomers is a group of people born around 1946-1964, or it can be said, the parents of the millennial generation are generally born in this time span. Name baby boomers used after the birth rate increased drastically after World War II.

3. Parental Role Involvement

The millennial generation in general still needs the role of parents in their lives. There are many facts on the ground that the millennial generation who have reached the age of 20 years and over still live with and receive financial assistance from their parents.

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