Ten Tips for Using a Laptop Correctly [For Beginners]

Ten Tips for Using a Laptop Correctly For Beginners
10 Tips for Using a Laptop Correctly

A laptop is a personal computer that can be moved and carried easily to be used in many places. Most laptops have the same features as computers, such as running the software and managing files. However, laptops tend to be more expensive than desktop computers.

What are the differences between a laptop and a desktop computer?

Since laptops are designed primarily for portability, there are some essential differences between laptops and desktop computers. A laptop is designed to have all the built-in computer features, such as a monitor, keyboard, touchpad (replacing the mouse), and speakers. Thus a standard laptop can function normally without the addition of other devices. A laptop is also faster to use, and the number of cables connected to the laptop is less.

In addition, you can connect other devices to the laptop, such as mice, larger monitors, and other peripherals. Once connected to other peripherals, the laptop can function as a desktop computer with one main difference between the two: you can take the laptop anywhere after the peripherals are removed from the laptop.

here is a collection of articles about laptops that you may need.

1. Why Laptop Can’t Enter Windows 7/8/9/xp?

Laptops can certainly be damaged, either software or hardware damage. Like a laptop can’t enter Windows when you want to use it. You may be confused about how to fix it, or you may also worry that the laptop cannot be used. This problem can be experienced on any brand, such as ASUS laptops, Acer, HP, Lenovo, etc.


You don’t need to worry. The laptop can not enter Windows is a common thing and often happens. How to solve it is pretty straightforward. The following link will explain how to solve a laptop that can’t enter windows.

2. How to Open Two Zooms Using One Laptop?

Can you open two Zoom Meeting applications simultaneously on 1 Laptop/PC? This question may have been in your mind when you attended a Zoom Meeting session with the Zoom application.

As we know, Zoom is generally a free online meeting application, which is used for one user (1 client). However, what happens if users can run two Zoom Meeting applications at once? For more details, see the correct way to open two zooms on one laptop.

3. How to Overcome Change PPT Slide Format on Laptop?

Have you ever made a PPT presentation slide on a personal laptop, but the font changed when it was installed on a friend’s computer? Well, you’re not alone.

By default, PowerPoint will replace the original font with a font available on another computer. But this mechanism often makes the slides become messy and not harmonious anymore.

here’s how to work around the changed PPT slide format, applicable to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365.

4. How to Permanently Delete Google Accounts on Laptops?

Every time you buy a new cellphone, you will definitely be asked to enter or create a Google account first. This is of course because everything that will be done through Android will also be linked to the Google account. So it is mandatory for you to make it.

Even so, it turns out that there will be some things that make someone want to delete their Google account. If you want to delete a Google account but still don’t know how the following will explain more about how to delete a Google account either through a laptop or Android on how to permanently delete a Google account on a laptop.

5. How to Screen Record on Laptop?

You may want to record your computer screen for various reasons. It could be for recording tutorials, presentations, or teaching. Screen recording is currently attracting a lot of attention and is becoming a popular feature in business and education. Screen recording is a way of sharing screens or recording videos without the need to use additional recording devices. Thus, the person recording the screen can provide information to others easily and quickly.

For users of Windows 7, 8, and 10, there are several ways to record a laptop screen that are quite easy to do.

6. How to Create a New Email on Laptop?

Currently, e-mail has become a basic need for all digital activities. Whether to create social media accounts, back up data, to send and receive company promotional messages.

Fortunately, how to create a new email account is very easy. In less than five minutes, you can already have an email address, you know.

So in this article, we will help you create an email using Gmail, an email service from Google. And not only personal email, but also corporate email. Can’t wait, right? If so, let’s just follow how to create an email on a laptop and a company-specific email.

7. How to Sending Files from HP to Laptop?

On some types of mobile phones, internal memory becomes a barrier to doing various things. Unlike the newly released mobile devices, most older phones have very limited internal memory. In fact, sometimes just installing a few applications is not enough.

Therefore, users of these devices must transfer their data from mobile devices to laptops or computers, which in fact usually have a larger storage capacity.

Regardless of whether your phone is new or old, transferring files, photos, videos, and other content to your computer is sometimes really needed, because here are tips for sending files from your cellphone to a laptop that are easy to do.

8. How to Fix a Messy Word File When Transferred to Another Laptop?

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processing software today. Almost everyone who has a computer must have this application, especially for students to make assignments or offices in making correspondence documents.

However, one of the problems that Microsoft Word users often experience is files or documents that suddenly fall apart when they are transferred to a laptop or other computer even though on our own computers the files are neatly arranged.

But you don’t need to worry anymore, because it turns out that there is a trick you can use to keep the document neatly organized when transferred to another Laptop.

9. Is It Necessary to Remove the Laptop Charger When in Use?

Along with the times, technology is present and becomes part of people’s lives. The presence of technology has a huge influence on people’s lives. Because almost every activity in society requires technology.

Currently, the technology that plays an important role in supporting all community activities is the laptop. Indeed, this electronic item has various functions to facilitate work, especially for students, lecturers and office workers.

Because they are often used, these electronic items must of course be cared for so they don’t get damaged quickly.

Well, talking about the life of the laptop, the battery is an important part that must be treated properly. One of them is to charge it regularly. That is, you must know how to properly charge a laptop and not make the battery drop quickly.

10. How to Activate Linux on Chromebook?

Modern Chromebooks can now run Linux-based apps. Here’s how you get that app not available on the Chrome web store.

Chromebooks can now run Linux-based apps, and while this feature is primarily aimed at developers, Chromebooks can also be useful for casual users. Here’s how to install and run Linux apps on a Chromebook.

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