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ipadguides.id – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you today? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with horror stories that make you curious. This time, Sans will take you to the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya.

This campus was founded by the Technical Higher Education Foundation (YPTT) on November 10, 1975. Previously named the Technical College on November 10, it became the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. This campus has many interesting stories about the dynamics of lectures until there are horror stories. One of them was a headless ghost figure that became urban legend at the ITS Surabaya campus.

Well, so that Zone Buddies are not curious about the headless ghost figure at ITS Surabaya. Come on, Sans start the story. Eh, before that don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

Terrifying! Headless Ghost Figure at ITS Surabaya – Student Zone 1

At that time, Hilman wanted to go home after the lecture ended. However, when he was in the parking lot, he met a parking attendant who said he saw a lot of the awesomeness of the campus. Hilman also had time to greet Pak Slamet, the legendary parking attendant.

please sir,” said Hilman in a friendly manner.

Come on, there’s an event at the Research Center Building, right? Why do you have to go home late,“Slamet replied.

Really, sir, there is indeed an event in the building over there” he said.

Oh, be careful, this building is a penunggune le. When you come home, don’t be late” said Mr. Slamet as he returned greetings from other students.

Hilman was silent for a moment, then nodded understanding what he meant. Yes, indeed the building is famous for its many guards. Well, moreover, someone said that the origin of this place was from a swamp that was turned into a building.

Therefore, Hilman, who briefly recalled the story of Mr. Slamet’s experience, got goosebumps for a moment. He who did not want to get carried away with the story, finally immediately drove his motorbike.

As usual, after lecture Hilman stopped by to hang out with other friends from the campus next door. Whether coincidentally or not, the discussion that night turned into horror.

Starting from Fadil who told his horror experience to Rizal, a college friend of Hilman, who alluded to a ghost without legs which he said was scary.

Bro, do you understand that the Research Center Building is a ghost without legs. Jarene Pak Slamet, the parking attendant, is ghost, gowo ndas e dewe,” said Rizal.

Halah iku mek rejoice tok zal, not necessarily proven very muchsaid Hilman.

Beware, you know, let’s lay you sing to meet this ghost,” said Fadil, scaring his friend.

Hearing that, Hilman’s hangout friend burst out laughing. Meanwhile Hilman was annoyed. But, actually he was thinking a little about the ghost. Because he became a committee in the event held in the building.

Despite his worries, Hilman still didn’t want to believe the horror stories. In principle, there must be evidence first before he fully believes.

But it turns out, the principle is actually so boomerang for himself. The next day, Hilman followed a series of campus events until the evening.

Surprisingly, that night felt different from before. It feels very singup and also quiet. Even though usually there are still many students doing assignments around the building.

At that time, Hilman was on one of the floors of the scary building. At first, there was absolutely nothing strange about the building. Even the lights that are on are bright, making anyone who is there not afraid of ghosts.

After the event was finished around 9 pm, Hilman, who had made an appointment to hang out, immediately came down from the building. The lonely road made Hilman want to listen to music through his earphones.

After wearing the object, Hilman walked while singing a fragment of the song’s lyrics. He, who was not afraid of the quiet atmosphere, only faced the front and didn’t look left and right at all.

But, suddenly he was surprised by something..


Hilman immediately looked back, just now as if someone passed from the corner there. He looked at every corner on the floor and there was nothing.

Hilman immediately accelerated his pace because his feelings were immediately erratic. Between fear, anxiety, anxiety with the existence of ghosts into one.

Step by step he traced, until finally Hilman was in front of the elevator. He pressed the elevator back and forth as he looked behind him.

deg deg deg..

Oh fast dong, suwene!!‘ he mumbled as he pressed the elevator button quickly.

He felt like running, screaming but he held it in. For some reason Hilman always wanted to look behind him. Because he was very curious, he turned his head slowly.

One two Threesaid Hilman’s heart.


Iii-iku sopo sing mlaku,” Hilman pointed at the woman standing in the middle of the way to the elevator.

With trembling hands and gaping mouth, Hilman remained standing there.

Tap tap tap..

Slowly the woman walked towards Hilman and it turned out that she was carrying something.

Hilman glared at what the woman was carrying and it turned out..



He ran in fright and pressed the elevator button again.

No no no..

“Oh God, please, how come you’re so suwe iki!” he snapped.

He looked back and saw the woman in front of him. If you describe the woman as having no head, she even carries her own head in her hands.


Hilman ran in any direction, while the woman showed a very scary face. His eyes bulged with long, flowing hair that almost covered his entire face.

Hilman closed his eyes but he peeked a little at the woman. The woman zigzagged erratically. An instant disappears, an instant appears in a few seconds.

He who felt trapped finally rushed to contact his friend.

Tut.. Tut.. Tut..

Rizal did not pick up his phone, he immediately ran towards the stairs avoiding the female ghost who was still standing in front of him.

With a gasping breath, he hit Mr. Slamet.

“OUCH!” Hilman shouted.

Mr. Slamet, who was surprised for a moment, understood Hilman’s facial expression which was so pale that his hands were shaking. He also led Hilman downstairs, so that he was calmer.

Let’s meet iku ta le, why are you so lazy?“asked Mr. Slamet.

Hilman nodded in agreement, it seemed he was unable to say a word. He couldn’t understand that the ghost that had been urban legend the campus showed itself to Hilman.

The unpleasant experience made Hilman reluctant to be in the building at night. Even since that incident, he has become acquainted with Mr. Slamet and shared his experiences about horror stories on campus.

Terrifying! Headless Ghost Figure at ITS Surabaya

Hmm, whether anyone believes it or not with the story above. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Hilman? If there is, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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