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Live in Bandung? Wanna go to the beach? Ahhfar!

Who says it? The beaches below can be reached by a four to seven hour drive from Bandung. Ready? Here they are!

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1. Santolo Pantai Beach

Located in Pameungpeuk, Garut. In my opinion, this beach is the closest to Bandung. The journey is about 4 to 5 hours. Usually I leave at 12 o’clock at night, and arrive there just before the dawn call to prayer. The beach is still very natural, so don’t expect a banana boat here. There is also a LAPAN headquarters here, so don’t be surprised if suddenly a test rocket falls into the sea!

2. Sayang Heulang Beach

Not far from Santolo beach, If you want to see the sunrise, you should come to Sayang Heulang first. The waves on this beach are much bigger and very worth it for those who like to take photos slow sepid. What I remember most here is that the price of young coconut is cheaper than 600mL aqua!

3. Rancabuaya Beach

Still in Garut, navigate 20 km to the east from Sayang Heulang, we will arrive at Rancabuaya beach. Sunset here is very exotic. The stars at night are also very charming. There are many huts on the beach for places to eat and rest.

4. Ciantir Beach

We turn to Banten, maybe a bit far from Bandung, about 7 hours drive. But our trip will be paid off by the beauty of the white sandy beach of Ciantir, the sand is very wide and soft like wheat flour! Ciantir Beach is a beach in Sawarna Village, Bayah, Banten.

5. Tanjung Layar Beach

Still in Sawarnya Village, two kilometers from the ciantir beach, we will find the tanjung sail beach. Uniquely, this beach is no longer sandy, but rocky. There is a very large rock here, up to 20 meters high. Here there are several coffee shops and huts to rest.

6. Ujung Genteng Beach

Located in Sukabumi, about 6 hours drive from Bandung. There are many fishing activities here because the tip of the tile is a fishing village. We can also find fish auctions in the morning here. From the tip of the tile, many beaches are much more interesting that can be visited.

7. Pangumbahan Beach

From the tip of the tile, about 5 kilometers to the southwest, we will find Pangumbahan beach. This beach has white sand like a ciantir beach, as well as big waves.

The interesting thing that we can find here is the turtle hatchery. At certain times in the afternoon we can see the release of baby turtles into the open sea, as well as adult turtles laying eggs at night.

8. Thousand Islands Beach

This is Jakarta, you know! Lots of beaches here. But my advice, choose the very end! Because it’s far from the crowds and still very natural like the island of stingray or island of silver.

Silver Island Pier by Niken Andriani

9. Pangandaran Beach

This beach is the farthest, and the most commercial among the beaches above. If you are a traveler who tourists, Pangandaran can be an option. The beaches I mentioned before are suitable if you are soulful backpackers.

10. Beach on Peucang Island

This is soooooooooooo. But maybe the beach is the best in West Java. Located in Ujung Kulon National Park. The sand is so white!
I’ve never been here so come in wishlist before. just time can swim with the rhino at the end of the kulon, haha!

In the end, it’s all. 😀

Peucang Island

Let’s go to the beach!

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