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What is photography?

Photography is…painting with light.

Hemm, literally that understanding is true.

But if I prefer to analogize photography with “the art of seeing”

Yes, photography is the art of seeing!

I often think, what is the difference between an ‘ordinary’ photographer and an ‘extraordinary’ photographer. Often ask with assumptions like this:

Does an ‘extraordinary’ photographer have to use an ‘extraordinary’ camera too?

Are ‘extraordinary’ photographers born with these ‘extraordinary’ abilities?

What makes them ‘amazing’?

It took a long time to answer these three questions, the answers are:

No! It’s not their camera or talent, but the ability to see, to see what others don’t see (scary dong hihi..)

The method? should I use my sixth sense? Of course not, the trick is to be yourself.

Seeing what others don’t – by being you.

See what others don’t see

It’s easy to get technically perfect photos. The hardest and the longest to learn is how we see things. A good photographer must have a different point of view from other people. And combined with each individual’s unique style, it makes for extraordinary photos.

This is why a truly extraordinary photo (or any piece of art) can never be made twice.

What is your opinion?

See what others don’t see – Moonrise

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