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SI already miss the beach. At the beginning of this trip, I will open it by gazing at the exotic beaches on this chili island. The beach is hot, Lombok is hot, but somehow not as hot as Jakarta. Hot but windy. Missing the coastal breeze, I visited the following beaches.

1. Fresh

Welcome to Seger beach. Just a few tens of minutes from Kuta, I found a sign that said this. There are several beaches here which are separated by hills, so there is a beach side that will only be there when the sea is high tide. When it recedes it just becomes an ordinary land. Go up the hill for view which is very interesting.

2. Kuta Lombok

Unlike on the neighboring island of the same name. Kuta on the island of Lombok is like the opposite of Kuta in Bali. There are very few people. Quiet, away from the crowds. The only thing that bothers me is the seller of a child’s bracelet who is a little pushy. Not interested in buying? Reject with a smile.

3. Tanjung An

This is the most attractive beach in my opinion. Located after kuta and Seger beach. White sand like pepper and dazzling eyes can be seen in Tanjung An. I have quite interesting memories here. There is one hill that is wide enough and not too high to enjoy the Tanjung An breeze.

4. Senggigi

It’s like Bali’s Kuta. Crowded by local tourists as well as foreigner the picnic. Many hotels and restaurants on the beach. Not my type of beach, but still interesting to see the activities of the people there.

5. Umbrella Stone

The quietest beach. I saw a lot of foreign tourists, but they were old. Maybe they are looking for peace. In stark contrast to Gili Trawangan which is very crowded.

6. Gili Trawangan

Call it party island. Trawangan deserves to be called that. Very crowded, but still not noisy because there are no motorized vehicles there. The beach is also still clean, maybe because foreigners are more self-conscious about cleanliness?

Ah, sorry the photos are perfunctory. Because it’s just a ride through to breathe the coastal breeze of Lombok which I’ve never tasted 🙂

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