The Best Selling Maybelline Eyeshadow Types

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Maybelline has various types of eyeshadow to choose from, here are the various Maybelline eyeshadows.

Today’s cosmetic products are of course very diverse, even funny satire words such as natural beauty appear, but makeup is expensive, not like the Banjar kingdom era, natural beauty, no makeup needed.

This time we will review Maybelline Eyeshadow which is one of the makeup tools you need to have to make your eyes look more attractive. You can choose an eyeshadow color according to the activity or color of the outfit you are currently wearing. So, so as not to get confused, you need to know the various Maybelline eyeshadows.

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Packed in colored containers rose gold make this Maybelline eyeshadow look more attractive. The packaging of this eyeshadow also allows you to see the shade directly from the outside. In addition, this eyeshadow is also equipped with a double-sided sponge that makes it easy to carry traveling.

This eyeshadow palette consists of 12 eyeshadow colors with nude colors that can be used every day. It’s just that the texture of this eyeshadow is very powdery which makes eyeshadow granules easy fall out.

2. Maybelline The Nudes Palette

This eyeshadow palette comes packaged in a black colored case. This eyeshadow palette is also equipped with a brush and sponge that will make it easier for you to apply it to your eyelids. In this eyeshadow palette, there are 12 shades of nude eyeshadow. It’s just, the color of this eyeshadow is not very pigmented, so you need to use base eye before using this eyeshadow.

3. Maybelline The Gold Nudes

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The packaging of this eyeshadow palette is golden which makes it look more luxurious. Almost the same as the other Maybelline The Nudes palettes, in this eyeshadow the eyeshadow colors can also be seen from the outside.

This eyeshadow palette is also equipped with an applicator consisting of a brush and a sponge. In one palette, there are 12 eyeshadow colors with a buttery texture and easy to apply to the eyelids.

4. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette

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If you don’t want to bother carrying make-up tools when traveling, this make-up palette can be the best choice. In this palette, there are already eyeshadow and highlighter in a pink container.

One of Maybelline’s eyeshadows, this eyeshadow color ranges from cool colors and cool colors. This will certainly make it easier for you to choose eyeshadow colors for various events.

5. Maybelline The Tone On Tone Nudes

Maybelline eyeshadow has a shape like a lipstick with a blend of two different colors. To apply it is also very easy. You only need to apply eyeshadow to the eyelids and the results are very pigmented.

So that 4 colors can be chosen from this eyeshadow, namely The Broadway Smokes, 2nd Date Pinks, The Hampton Sands, and The Rooftop Taupe. For a more natural result, you can rub it using your finger.

6. Maybelline Color Sensational Diamond

This product has a unique shape that looks like a diamond. In this eyeshadow there are 5 eyeshadow colors that you can choose according to your needs. This eyeshadow type has 4 shade variants, namely Topaz Gold, Sapphire Blue, Rose Quartz Pink, and Tourmaline Purple. Having good pigmentation, this eyeshadow has a creamy texture, making it easy to blend.

7. Maybelline The City Mini Palette

This eyeshadow is one of Maybelline’s best selling products. Its small size makes it easy to carry it when traveling. There are 6 eyeshadow colors in this product consisting of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. You can choose one of the following 3 shade options, namely Urban Jungle, Chili Brunch Neutral, and 5th Avenue Street.

You can choose various types of Maybelline eyeshadow according to your makeup needs, and don’t forget to calculate it with your financial math formula so you don’t have a hard time at the end of the month. So, from the eyeshadow above, is there your favourite?

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