The characteristics of fraudulent investments that are important to know

The characteristics of fraudulent investments that are important to know

Currently, fake investments are viral on social media. It’s no wonder that there are so many victims of this investment at this time.

The amount of loss also varies. There are hundreds of thousands and some are even tricked into hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Stupid investment itself is a type of investment that asks investors for a certain amount of money to invest in a business that never existed from the start.

Later the money from the investors will be embezzled or taken away. There have been many incidents of viral fraudulent investments on social media today.

Especially in times of a pandemic where the majority of people need money so it will be easy to be persuaded.

Stupid investments give potential investors the lure of big returns. Usually, OJK’s fraudulent investments will take advantage of the knowledge from investors who are minimal about investment.

Therefore, here you need to know what are the characteristics of fraudulent investments so that later they are not easily fooled.

This is very necessary in order to secure your money and assets. The following are the characteristics that you need to know, including:

1. Gaining Profits in Too Short a Time

The first characteristic of a fraudulent investment is that it offers profits in a very short period of time.

Whereas here the basic principle of an investment is that the shorter the investment period and the smaller the risk borne, the automatically the profits obtained will also be lower.

On the other hand, if the investment time is longer and the risks involved are also greater, the returns to be obtained will also be large.

Meanwhile, in this fraudulent investment, you will be offered very large profits in a short time and also with very minimal risk. If you get the offer, then you need to be careful.

2. Don’t Have Permission

An investment that is legal and official will certainly have a permit. The permit will be obtained from the Financial Services Authority. The investment here is just a scam, so they will not have official permission from the OJK.

Therefore, check whether the investment you want to participate in is a legal investment or a fraudulent investment by the OJK.

If in fact the license you have is still problematic, then don’t take the risk of wasting your time and money to invest in the OJK bogus investment.

3. Unofficial Sales Method

The next characteristic that needs to be known from these fraudulent investments is that they have unofficial sales.

Meanwhile, investments made legally will make sales, whether in the form of mutual funds, stocks, gold and so on officially.

Whether it’s through the website or other types of sales. When you are dealing with fraudulent investments, then later you will see how their investment sales seem unofficial or fake.

4. Offers Great Returns

The characteristics of an investment, whether fraudulent or not, are the yields offered. Fraudulent investments in general will offer returns or profits that are too high.

Indeed, the purpose of investment activity is to seek profit. But of course here the benefits are still reasonable.

In general, the benefits of an investment made in the long term range from 15 to 20%.

However, if the benefits offered from these investments exceed the numbers described above, then here you should be wary. For example, the telegram fraudulent investment that had rife happened some time ago.

In this investment, the victims admit that the returns they will get are quite large.

That’s why so many people are starting to get trapped and participate in investing in fake telegram investments.

In order to be able to tell the difference between a good investment or just a scam, here you have to compare the benefits offered with the deposit interest.

If the profit from the investment far exceeds the deposit interest rate, then it could be that the offer that comes to you is a fraudulent investment.

Because it is a reasonable investment will offer a return that is also reasonable.

Is it true that being demanded to find new members is a characteristic of fraudulent investments?

5. Demanded to Find New Members

Some fraudulent investments will usually sue those of you who have joined to find new customers.

That is one of the characteristics of a fraud here under the guise of investment. Later you as an investor will be urged to recruit as many new members as possible.

If here the activity of recruiting new members is mandatory and forced by them, then it can be ascertained that the investment is only a fraudulent investment. Some viral fraudulent investments also require their investors to find new members.

6. Not transparent

In an investment, a fund will be managed by an investment manager who is really experienced and trusted. In addition, they will be transparent about the management of these funds.

On the other hand, fraudulent investment here has very unclear fund management and raises questions.

When you look for the answer, they are difficult to explain to you. You need to be suspicious if it is an investment, because there is a high probability that it is an investment that is just fraudulent.

7. The product or company is not clear

When you decide to invest, you should invest in a company that has a clear product.

Because one of the characteristics of a fraudulent investment is the product and the company being managed is not clear. You will find it difficult to find valid information about the company.

Even when you ask for a detailed explanation regarding the management of funds, generally the parties to the investment will only be convoluted.

Therefore you need to be careful when finding such an investment offer.

Especially at this time which is indeed booming telegram fraudulent investment targeting all ages.

In order to avoid this fraud, you can access the official website of the OJK to find out whether the company or investment product has been registered or not.

8. Lost Profit

Another characteristic that you can see from a fraudulent investment is bad profits. Some fraudulent investments do indeed give the results in the beginning exactly as promised by them.

This is so that potential investors will be more confident and start adding more funds.

When they deposit a larger Fund, the profits they should be able to suddenly stop or crash. Then that’s when you can find out that the investment you are following is just a scam.