The Charm and Natural Beauty of Seroja Hill in Wonosobo

Bukit Seroja, have you ever gone and visited this place while traveling. Surely the place is very beautiful with charm and nature that is still beautiful making the atmosphere romantic. For those of you who don’t know what place it is and where it is located, I will tell you first.

Location of Seroja Hill

It’s wider in Central Java, and closer to Wonosobo, a city known for its special foods, namely Tempe Kemul and Mi Ongklok. Bukit Seroja is located at the address of Maron Village, Garung sub-district, Wonosobo district. If you have ever been to the top of Sikunir, then Seroja hill is to the north, more precisely in the hilly area of ​​Menjer Lake. In addition to going through Maron village, we can also travel to Seroja hill via Kreo village and Sembungan village, it takes us about 2 hours to reach Seroja hill from these villages.

Through that hill, we can enjoy the beautiful view of a Menjer Lake below, see the sunrise and sunset on the sidelines of the mountains if you visit in the morning or evening. Another scenic beauty when we are on Seroja hill is the majestic mountain that you can see from the hill there are Sindoro, Merapi, Sumbing, Merbabu and Ungaran mountains. Thus there will provide a charming charm for the visitors.

About 13 KM distance that you have to travel to Seroja hill if calculated from the Wonosobo square. It should be noted again, make sure that when you go there the weather is sunny, so that the panorama of Wonosobo City will look clearer from there, the vacation will be even more comfortable.

seroja hill charm

Highly recommended for those of you who feel quite bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, Bukit Seroja can be a place that you must visit. Maybe after you get there, you will feel more calm with the treats of green shades that soothe the heart and mind. Also invite your partner, especially those who already have, for those who are still alone, who knows, you can get a mate on Seroja hill.

It’s not enough just to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also take a selfie tour when visiting this Bukit Seroja tour. Because there are also beautiful photo spots available, such as long substations with various shapes and beautiful tea gardens, just prepare a good camera and if necessary the photographer.

And hopefully after visiting the natural attractions in Bukit Seroja it will make you feel tired, will soon disappear and relax again. Don’t forget to share on social media all your best moments while in Serojo so that others want to go there too.
Indeed, the city of Wonosobo has become one of the tourist attractions of choice for travelers, not even a few have made it a favorite place. Usually, the place most frequently visited by travelers is Dieng because it has been famous since ancient times. However, this Seroja hill has only been opened for a few years around 2015.

If from outside the city, what should be prepared when going to Bukit Seroja

1. The first one is definitely a DSLR camera, don’t miss it, if you need to bring a drone too.
2. Don’t forget to bring lunch because the goal is to go to the hills not to the mall, the most important thing is to drink or bring enough money and buy food and drinks on the road, there are lots of food available in Wonosobo which is suitable for accompanying tours.
3. Make sure your body condition is healthy because the air temperature in Wonosobo is cooler than in the city of Jakarta. So make sure you have prepared carefully, and one more thing, don’t forget to pray for safety during the journey to your destination.

Maybe that’s enough information about Seroja hills in Wonosobo, and a message from me “whoever you are, take care of the environment where you visit in order to preserve Indonesia’s natural attractions”.

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