The content of mother’s milk turns out to depend on the sex of the little one, you know

Jakarta – When pregnant mothers are asked if they want a baby girl or boy, most will usually answer whatever is important to be able to give birth and breastfeed healthily.

Indeed, there is no significant difference between giving birth to a baby girl and a boy, but did you know that the milk produced by the body also adjusts to the sex of the baby?

“Mothers’ bodies produce different biological recipes for boys and girls,” said Katie Hinde, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University. Daily News.

Boys in general get breast milk that is richer in fat or protein when compared to baby girls, right? Check out the following explanation, Mother.

The content of breast milk depends on the sex of the baby

Breast milk is a dynamic substance that changes depending on the age and needs of the baby. Substances in breast milk even vary in each mother’s body, depending on the sex of the baby, whether male or female.

Katie has researched how breast milk can shape the immunological, neurobiological, and behavioral development of infants. His research found that cows and monkeys produce different milk depending on the sex of the baby. For example, his research found that mothers of:

  • Girls produce more calcium in their milk.
  • Boys produce milk with higher fat and protein, but lower sugar concentration.
  • Girls produce a higher volume of milk.
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In addition, there are several factors that can influence your breasts to make different milk depending on the sex of the baby:

  • A mother interacts differently with her baby depending on whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
  • The breastfeeding pattern of a boy may differ from that of a girl, and this can change the composition of his breast milk.
  • Hormonal signals from the developing fetus can influence the breasts to affect the milk that is produced when the baby is born.

While there may be slight nutritional differences in the milk produced for boys and girls, you don’t need to adapt your breastfeeding practice to the sex of your baby.

‚ÄúThere is no difference in the way mothers breastfeed their sons or daughters. The approach will vary based on the baby’s needs or the mother’s schedule, but has nothing to do with the baby’s gender. Your little one has their own eating habits, schedules, favorites. It’s the positions, their likes and dislikes that make them unique,” says Rachael Kish, a certified lactation consultant and co-founder of Imalac. Rompers.

Then, how to increase nutrition in Mother’s milk? Check out the next page, Mom.

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