The Correct Way of Packing Carrier for Beginner Hikers

packing carrier and choosing what equipment to carry when climbing a mountain is very important. As a climber, you must have knowledge of method packing carrier correct.

When you arrange things correctly, of course, it will be very useful when climbing. Why? Because when you packing properly, of course you can take advantage of the inner room carrier efficiently.

The burden you carry will also be lighter if you packing carrier correctly. On the other hand, if you are wrong packingso carrier what you carry may feel heavier. So here are some tips on how to packing carrier correct.

How to pack carrier correct

It can be said that packing carrier It is divided into three parts: bottom, middle, and top. Here are tips or ways packing carrier correct:

1.Packing carrier low part

First put in carrier are items that are large in size and are not needed before reaching the area campingfor example:

  • sleeping bag
  • Foldable mattress
  • Spare clothes
  • Shoes or sandals for camping

If the mattress is rolled up it can be placed around the inside carrier.

2.Packing carrier middle part

The middle is filled with smaller but denser items so that carrier will be more balanced so that the weight does not make packing pointing out. Examples of items placed in the middle carrier is:

  • Portable, gas, nesting stove
  • food stock
  • Bottle filled with water
  • Foldable part of the tent

Put the big stuff first, then tuck it in with a smaller item or a more flexible shape.

3.Packing carrier top

Top carrier filled with items that can be easily retrieved if needed, for example:

4. Pocket section carrier

Usually carrier also has some small parts for example at the top, front carrier, and two side pockets. This section can be used to place smaller items, for example:

  • Snacks
  • Small bottle
  • Raincover for carrier
  • Compass
  • sunblock
  • Flashlight
  • Wallet

5. Exterior carrier

Bag carrier has several sections of rope that can be attached to items such as:

  • Trekking pole
  • Tent pole section
  • Mattress

How to check if carrier has beenpacking the right way is to lift and let go carrier to the floor, if carrierIf it stands balanced, it doesn’t fall forward or backward, then you’ve done it packing carrier correctly.

Don’t forget to customize carrier when used, the only way is to tighten the straps at the top for the shoulders, and the sides to adjust the location carrier to be comfortable to wear. The most comfortable part in my opinion is when the bottom is carrier it is slightly higher above the waist.

the correct way of packing carriers

Equipment to bring when climbing the mountain

Usually when you go up the mountain you will go with friends or groups. Some equipment such as tents, stoves, and food will usually be divided according to the number of climbers.

There are also equipment for yourself or yourself that you must bring such as sleeping bag, clothes, flashlights and more. Well, when packing the items needed for the group will usually be distributed to each member, depending on their strength or physical condition.

For women, please read what personal equipment women need to carry when climbing the mountain.

Here’s the equipment you should take with you when climbing the mountain, especially if you’re planning to camping. You can buy this equipment online at the Decathlon website:

  • Carrier
  • Tent
  • Portable stove
  • Stock of food and water
  • sleeping bag and mattress
  • Personal clothes
  • Other support tools

1. Carrier

For carrier adjust to the length of the climb and also the physical of each. If it’s only for a day and you don’t need it camping can use a bag measuring 20-30L.

As for climbing that takes more than a day, for example climbing Mount Argopuro which can take up to 5 days, usually the carrier the standard size is 60L. If it’s strong and can carry more things, you can use it carrier large like 80L.

Usually when I buy carrier already the same rain coverIt’s a kind of bag protector from wet conditions like when it rains. Make sure carrier which you are lightweight, comfortable to wear, especially in the back and shoulder area. Besides carrier Usually I also carry a small 15L bag that I will use for the peak.

the correct way of packing carriers
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2. Tent

If you want camping Of course you have to bring a tent too. Tent sizes vary, usually the most ideal is a tent measuring 3-4 people. It’s more comfortable for 3 people, because you have to set aside a place for carrier also.

Look for a tent with good quality and also sturdy. When you buy a tent, it’s usually already provided flysheet or a waterproof layer as well so that when it rains it doesn’t seep into the tent. It’s just that it’s safe to bring flysheet additionally so that it is also good for cooking and also the base of the tent.

3. Portable stoves and cooking utensils

Many portable stoves are sold in stores outdoor. It’s small in size and light in weight, just install the gas. In addition, nesting is also necessary, which is a kind of pot or pan that is designed to be more efficient. We recommend that you bring plates, spoons, glasses, or forks that are made of plastic or do not break easily.

4. Stock of food and water

As for food, it’s too personal. There are those who prefer fast food such as instant noodles, sardines. But there are also types of people who like to climb mountains to enjoy camping and cooking activities. The less good side, the luggage will definitely be heavier.

Bring foods that are nutritious but not too difficult to cook, such as vegetables that contain fiber, or canned foods that contain protein. I usually prefer takeout on the first day for lunch or dinner, so there’s no need to bother with cooking.

Can bring bread and peanut butter. Snack also very important such as chocolate, nuts, which contain sugar because sugar canboost our energy too. Also bring tea or coffee that can be brewed while warm.

Water is very important in climbing. Make sure whether the mountain you are going to climb has a lot of water sources so that it can determine the amount of water you bring.

For example, in Mount Ciremai, there are not many springs, so you have to bring a lot of water. Everyone also needs a different fluid intake.

Bring water according to the amount you need. If you drink a lot of water, bring more water. Usually in addition to the 1.5L bottle, I also bring a small bottle as well stainless for travel because it is easier to carry, and I refill from a large bottle, can also be used for hot water.

5. Sleeping bag and mattress

The mattress is used as a base while sleeping. If you don’t have a mattress, the surface is uneven so it’s uncomfortable, besides that it’s also cold.

If for sleeping bagIf you climb a mountain in Indonesia, I think that it can withstand up to 5 degrees is not bad. If you go up a mountain abroad, especially if it’s snowing, you definitely need one that can withstand temperatures of minus degrees.

Tips for packing the right way up the mountain
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6. Personal clothes

Well, the personal clothes you need to bring are also adjusted to the length of the climb. Bring clothes in t-shirts with lightweight and absorbent materials. The pants can be long or short, but the material dries quickly. It is not recommended to wear jeans.

Bring socks, waterproof hiking shoes will be better. In addition, raincoats, jackets, gloves, hats are good for protecting the face from the sun or a beanie hat to make it warmer.

Usually in the mountains during the day the temperature is still okay, when it’s really cold at night. So also bring long sleeves to sleep.

If you are climbing a snow mountain, layers or layers of clothing are very important. Usually the first layer is a thermal shirt, then a T-shirt, and 1 to 2 layers of a jacket.

Bring more reserves just in case, especially if it rains. For climbing 2 days 1 night I usually bring one more set of clothes.

7. Other supporting tools

Other small items such as flashlights, first aid kits, sunblocktrash bags, wet wipes, whistles, lighters, cameras, compasses, sunglasses, bandanas, etc. Trekking pole can help you also when climbing.

packing tips when going up the mountain

Well, that’s a few tips or ways packing carrier correct. Maybe if you have other input, you can write it in the comments section. Hope it is useful!

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