The Fairy Tale of the Drought Princess, Folklore for Bedtime


Does your little one like to imagine or role-play? Come on, stimulate him by regularly reading short stories, Mother.

Reading fairy tales can provide benefits for Mother and Little You know. Apart from being able to build bondingstorytelling can also improve children’s linguistic skills.

“Stories are like providing children with a simulation of the world in simple terms. Stories can help them learn to understand the complex real world,” says Peter Gray, Ph.D., a research professor of psychology at Boston College. Psychology Today.

Not only that, reading fairy tales can also develop a child’s sense of empathy. According to Gray, children’s capacity for empathy can grow or decrease depending on conditions. One condition that can play an important role is the stories he hears or reads.

There are many short stories that you can read to your children. One of them is an archipelago fairy tale entitled Putri Kemarau.

In this fairy tale, children can take moral messages about goodness and the meaning of sacrificing for the sake of many people. In addition, this children’s short story can also teach the little one to pray diligently.

What’s the story like? Check out the following fairy tale Princess of the Dry as quoted from the book 100 Indonesian Folklore by Dian K.

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The Fairy Tale of the Drought Princess

Once upon a time there lived a wise king and was loved by his people. The wife or empress has died.

The king had a daughter named Putri Jelitani. But because Putri Jelitani was born in the dry season, she is often called as Putri Kemarau.

The king really loved Princess Jelitani because she was the only daughter. Even though she doesn’t have a mother, Putri Jelitani is never lonely and lives a happy life.

One day, the happiness of the kingdom was disturbed because of the dry season that hit the country. The river dried up, the trees withered, and the people’s crops failed because of the drought.

The king was looking for a way to overcome this. He and the princess spoke with the royal adviser. But, they also could not find a way out. Putri Jelitani also asked her father to pray to God.

“We should pray to God so that it rains soon,” said Putri Jelitani.

The king agreed. He asked the people to pray for the dry season to end soon.

After a few days of praying, Putri Jelitani dreamed of meeting her mother. The dream made Princess Jelitani shocked.

“This country can be saved if there is a girl who is willing to sacrifice herself by throwing herself into the sea,” said Putri Jelitani’s mother in a dream.

Putri Jelitani immediately looked for her father to tell her about this dream. The king also had the same dream.

The king finally called back the palace advisor. The adviser asked the king to carry out the dream.

“But who is the girl who would make such sacrifices? I’m sure no one would,” said the King.

Suddenly Princess Jelitani interrupted. He admitted that he was willing to sacrifice for the welfare of the people.

“I want a father. I am willing to sacrifice as long as our people prosper again. I can’t bear to see them now,” said Putri Jelitani.

The king and the palace advisor were suddenly shocked. The king vehemently refused his daughter’s wish because he did not want to lose his only child.

However, Putri Jelitani insisted on making sacrifices. Finally, the king could not refuse.

The day arrived. Putri Jelitani walked towards the sea cliff while being watched by her people. He was ready to plunge into the sea which was violently turbulent.

The king who was there could not bear to see his son jump and be swallowed up by the waves. He closed his eyes too.

“Goodbye father. Goodbye everyone,” said Putri Jelitani.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, the sky darkened, and it rained heavily. In a short time, the entire territory of the kingdom was flooded. The rivers overflowed.

The king was surprised and happy at the same time. He then hugged the princess who was saved by God because of her courage to sacrifice.

“God loves us all. Look, water is everywhere. Our country is no longer dry,” said the King to Putri Jelitani, known as Putri Kemarau.

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