The fate of vanilla ‘Indonesia’s Green Treasure’, often becomes the target of thieves because…


Mothers who like baking definitely know this ingredient very well. Yes, vanilla is dubbed the green treasure because of its high price. Interestingly, based on observations on several online shopping platforms, vanilla is sold at various prices, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of Rupiah.

Why is it so expensive? The price of this commodity is expensive due to limited supply, Mother. The complex character of the plant also causes the price of vanilla to be expensive. Because, human labor is needed in pollination because the flower shape is not perfect.

Reported by the official Vanili Indonesia website, the price of vanilla in 2022 is predicted to continue to soar. For dry vanilla bars, it is predicted to reach Rp. 5.2 million per kg, while the price of wet vanilla is Rp. 600,000 per kg.

Seeing the fantastic price, this makes vanilla a target commodity for thieves. Chairman of the Indonesian Vanilla Council, John Tumiwa, said the theft of vanilla during the pollination process caused many farmers to harvest young, Mother.

This, according to John, makes the image of Indonesian vanilla so bad. The image is cheap, smells of smoke, and is young. “So, Indonesian vanilla is often mixed, usually with Madagascar vanilla. And, in the end, we get a good final product,” said John to CNBC Indonesia.

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Furthermore, John explained that the pollination process to harvest usually takes about 8 months. However, it is not easy for farmers in this hiatus because at that time, thieves usually act.

“Farmers reported that every Friday or Sunday their beans were stolen. Because at that time the farmers were praying or praying. That was the time for the guerrilla thieves. As a result, they no longer went to the mosque or church, but instead went to the fields keep the vanilla,” said John.

For years, the theft of wet beans or vanilla has been an unsolved problem. This is also acknowledged by Amelius Manoppo, a vanilla farmer and owner of UD Lo’or in Southeast Minahasa, North Sulawesi.

He said theft was one of the main obstacles. Especially if it’s close to harvest time. Farmers also usually work together. Various ways are taken in order to thwart the action of vanilla thieves.




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