The Filming Location of Rust is Central

It turns out that the condition of the filming location Rustwas problematic even before the tragic events of Alec Baldwin.

As we have seen/heard in the last few hours, actor Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), had a serious accident on the set of his latest film, Rust. Specifically, the property gun (prop gun) which he fired in one of his scenes, turned out to contain real bullets.

As a result of this, the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins (42) died and the director, Joel Souza (Hannah’s Gold), suffered a shoulder injury though, has now been discharged from the hospital.

And until I wrote this, this event is still status “active investigation”. Baldwin is reportedly very devastated and still can’t believe this incident. Although it was some time after this incident, the 63-year-old actor has uploaded tweets his sympathy.

Filming Locations Are Already Troubled

Twitter / @TessaMentus

No doubt when we heard about this incident, we also became curious about the condition of the filming location. Because logically, events like this are usually triggered by conditions in the location that are not safe / adequate. And it turns out that our guess is not wrong at all.

So launch Yahoo which is also supported by sources from Deadlinethe fact is long before the deadly shooting incident, the location of the film shoot Rust it’s been a problem. Or in cool terms, unsafe working environment.

One of the proofs happened about a week before the events that took place on the set Rust this. So according to sources, one of the prop gun (either the same gun as in the Baldwin incident or another gun), a loud bang is heard.

This eruption came out in an enclosed cabin area. According to sources, the individual holding the gun was said to have not pulled the trigger, just held it, suddenly it exploded. Because of this, the film camera crew, got into action walk-off as a sign of protest and extreme concern.

Well, one of the individuals who protested the issue of the safety of the filming location Rust this, is Hutchins. And it turns out that it’s not just the weapon’s security problem that happened on the set Rust this.

Not Implementing COVID-19 Prokes

Halyna Hutchins | CNET

Based on one of the uploads wall A private Facebook uploaded by one of the film crew, the filming location for Rust also does not implement the COVID-19 process. Even though it is not as big as a few months ago, Hollywood still requires all filming locations for films and television programs to implement the COVID-19 process.

Then according to the unidentified crew, he and other crew members were also 3 weeks late in getting their work pay. Also, the right to stay at a hotel near the shooting location was revoked. I don’t know why.

In response to this the film company in charge, Rust Movie Productions, LLC said that the health and safety of the crew and cast is a top priority. And they never know about all the security issues that have been described.

However, after hearing about the Alec Baldwin shooting incident, they will now begin to conduct a more detailed review. Of course, in an undetermined time, the filming process Rust this is discontinued for the time being.

Now, what do you think about all the serious security issues on set Rust this?

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