The First Roadshow Breaks, the Enthusiasm of 200 Malang Students Welcomes Digital Heroes

Who would have thought that 200 active students in the city of Malang were very enthusiastic in participating in one of the series of Digital Hero programs. The roadshow which was held on Wednesday and Friday last week was present in 2 one of the high schools in Malang City. STIMATA(17/05) and STIKI(19/05) are campuses that have the potential to advance the regional economy, especially the city of Malang through the digital world.

Digital Hero itself is a program initiated by Beon Intermedia and Kominfo in awakening the sovereignty of Indonesia’s digital economy. Starting from a problem where many MSMEs in Indonesia are far from the development of the digital world, Digital Hero is here to invite the public to revive the Indonesian economy through MSMEs.

Digital Hero is a program that will focus on developing product quality in terms of branding, and improving the quality of promotions through digital marketing. This provides a lot of convenience and flexibility for MSMEs in producing their products. Improving the quality of production will be the main focus of MSMEs themselves.

Digital Hero will attract hundreds if not thousands of Crafters and Buzzers. Crafter are those who have the ability and expertise in the field of graphic design. Why

do SMEs need them? Don’t MSMEs just need to sell their products? In an all-digital era, both audio and visual experience is needed to convince the public that a product is reliable in terms of quality. Crafter helps SMEs create beautiful, attractive and efficient packaging for their products. Crafter will provide convenience for MSMEs in branding their products through their packaging, which is in accordance with market needs.

Whereas buzzer are those who focus on promoting through the digital world. Digital Marketing will be one of the focuses carried out during this program. They will focus on how to improve online branding and market MSME products to the global realm.


conducting the roadshow, there will be a series of events that will be specifically for them, the Crafters and Buzzers, not to mention the MSMEs who have the best products.

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Digital Hero

The enthusiasm of STIMATA and STIKI students in Malang City in participating in the roadshow or socialization of the Digital Hero program can be seen from the enthusiasm of their presence, the seriousness in listening to explanations to the questions asked about what and how this program has a big dream in creating MSMEs Go International.

Not carelessly, because this program will invite more young people in Malang City, especially for Buzzers and Crafters in Malang City to join this program. The Digital Hero Roadshow will be back at several well-known campuses in Malang City. No half-hearted, there will be more than 500 people who register and there will only be 150 selected people who will collaborate with local MSMEs in realizing the dream of improving the Indonesian economy through the digital world.


for those of you who have expertise in creating extraordinary product packaging, even for those of you who want to learn to market products through the online world, please click right away. We are waiting for you who are ready to channel your abilities and expertise to build Indonesia.