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RI government website

NEED TO KNOW This time it displays a list of several Indonesian government websites, why are we bringing this topic up and processing it in the RahmanCyber ​​Editor? because we think that this is very important, especially for the Indonesian people themselves to access more up-to-date information and counseling from the government…

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It’s a shame if the website isn’t widely known, right?

So, we took the initiative to make it an article on the Rahmancyber Network.
We hope this information is useful, for myself and for other readers…



1 Republic of Indonesia Portal

2 RI Constitutional Court

3 People’s Consultative Assembly

4 People’s Representative Council

5 Regional Representative Council

6 Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia

7 Bank Indonesia

8 Ministry of Industry

9 National Development Planning Agency


Finance Department

11 SJDI Law Ministry of Finance

12 Capital Market Supervisory Agency

13 Capital Investment Coordinating Board

14 Directorate General of Taxation

15 Directorate General of Customs and Excise

16 Financial & Development Supervisory Agency

17 RI State Secretariat

18 Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

19 Directorate General of Electricity

20 Directorate General of Geology and Mineral Resources


21 LIN Portal

22 Ministry of Defense

23 Department of Health

24 Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration

25 Ministry of Home Affairs


Ministry of Religion

27 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

28 Agriculture department

29 Department of Law & Human Rights

30 Directorate General of Haki

31 Directorate General of Corrections

32 Directorate of Human Rights Protection

33 Human Rights Research and Development Agency

34 National Legal Development Agency

35 Legal Entity Administration System

36 Directorate General of Immigration

37 Indonesian Ministry of Forestry

38 Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia

39 Department of Transportation

40 Director General of Postel


41 National Defense Agency

42 Business Competition Supervisory Commission

43 public Works Department

44 Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises

45 State Ministry of Environment

46 State Ministry of Women’s Empowerment

47 Ministry of Research and Technology

48 Technology Research & Development Agency

49 National Atomic Energy Agency

50 State Administration Institute

51 State Civil Service Agency

52 Indonesian republic police

53 General Election Commissions

54 Central Bureau of Statistics

55 Logistics Agency

56 Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency

57 National Family Planning Coordinating Board

If there is a link that has been updated or replaced… for those who know, please comment below… so we can update it soon.


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