The Horror Story of the Crying Ghost of a Little Child in the Unesa Painting Room – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you today? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with horror stories that make you curious. This time Sans will take you to the State University of Surabaya (Unesa).

The history of this college cannot be separated from the IKIP Surabaya around 1950. This college was founded on December 19, 1964. In fact, this campus has many interesting stories about the dynamics of lectures so that there are horror stories that also color the lives of students. One of them is a horror story in the Unesa painting room.

Well, so that Zone Friends are not curious about the horror story of the ghost’s cry in the Unesa painting room. Come on, Sans start the story. Eh, before that don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

The Horror Story of the Crying Ghost of a Little Child in the Unesa Painting Room – Student Zone 1

As a student majoring in Art, Jessi was often alone in the painting room. It’s not that he’s too diligent, but that he really wants to finish his job. Especially if it’s not a matter of painting.

Jessi who is a closed person type aka introvert always alone everywhere. No wonder, if he feels at home alone in the painting room. In fact, he had heard a legendary story that said that the room had many waits, was gloomy, or something.

Obviously, Jessi doesn’t want to know about the ghost that occupies the room. Because, he is very sure that ghosts do not exist, in fact never existed.

As usual, after taking the class, Jessi rushed to the T3 building for the painting room. Precisely at 3 pm he immediately went to the place with a friend named Dian.

After arriving, Jessi was a little surprised that the room was empty and there were absolutely no other students besides the two of them. In fact, usually there are still many students who complete their painting assignments there.

This room is empty, it’s usually busy at this hourhe thought.

Jessi, who was still in the doorway, was suddenly surprised by Dian’s clapping that landed on her shoulder.

He’s getting more and more daydreaming, let’s go do a quick check and go home” said Dian while her hand was still perched on Jessi’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Jessi, who was surprised, just plonga plongo nodded her head at her friend. They also took a chair and arranged the painting equipment, ranging from canvases to the necessary paint.

Dian’s sitting position was in the corner near the window, while Jessi was in the middle of the room. The atmosphere suddenly fell silent, as they both began to focus on their respective work.

Until Jessi finally realized that she was the only one in the room. At approximately 6 pm, Dian had finished painting and packing her things. He intended to tell Jessi to say goodbye, but his friend didn’t respond because he was wearing a headset.

Jes didn’t go home first, wes looking for parents” said Dian while tidying up her painting equipment.

From behind, Jessi seemed to be nodding in agreement, even though her friend was currently enjoying the music. Seeing this, Dian finally left the room. Surprisingly, Jessi did not realize that her friend was carrying a test that passed in front of her.

I don’t know if it was because she was absorbed in the painting or what, Jessi didn’t really pay attention to her surroundings. He was too focused on the painting in front of him. This is because the painting is a UAS assignment that will be collected in two days.

So, suddenly he became indifferent to his surroundings. In fact, Jessi didn’t even know that she had been in the room until 8 o’clock at night.


The sound of Jessi’s stomach churning made her wake up. He was a little surprised when he saw that there was no one around him at all. Then, Jessi immediately took her cell phone.

Tut Tut..

Wow, Dian nang ndi is not contactedhe grumbled.

Three times he called his friend, but there was absolutely no answer. Because my stomach couldn’t stand the urge to eat, Jessi finally went out for a while to buy food.

Initially, he wanted to eat heavy like fried rice. However, there were only snacks left. He was forced to only eat a piece of donut left in the cafeteria.

While eating her snacks, Jessi’s mind wandered far away somewhere. He daydreams for a moment thinking about his unfinished painting, so you could say the progress is still at 50 percent.

Not wanting to linger there, Jessi returned to the painting room. As he entered the room, he glanced slightly at the quiet surroundings. You know, it’s already 9 pm and Jessi is still hanging around the campus for her assignment.

Even in such a quiet atmosphere, Jessi was not at all afraid of the mystical story that enveloped the painting room. Not long after, he resumed painting in front of him.

Casually, Jessi slightly sang her favorite song, dari boy band Korea is the flagship.

Bogo shipda..

Bogo shipda..



Jessi looked behind her, there wasn’t any wind that the pallet on the table had fallen to startle her.

“Anj*r!” Jessie cursed.

He just cursed annoyed, but completely indifferent to who dropped the pallet. Jessi again swept her brush across the canvas, while listening to her favorite song.

Not long after, a woman’s scream was heard.


Come on, these guys, wes bengi, scream snares aehe mumbled.

Jessi thought the scream was coming from one of the students joking outside the room. In fact, it was already almost 10 o’clock at night. He was a little surprised by the sound of the scream.

Without thinking, he continued to apply the brush little by little. The atmosphere was getting quieter and more tense, giving him goosebumps a little.

He glanced to the left and right to make sure there was nothing that would disturb his concentration anymore. But, just as Jessi calmed down because of the quiet atmosphere, she was startled by the sound of a child’s cry.


The sound of a child’s cry was getting louder and louder in his ears. Jessi looked back and forth around her surroundings looking for the source of the sound but to no avail, there was no small child there. Until he stood looking in every corner of the room.

Oh my gosh, the clock is waiting ono, the voice of a child is crying, it’s imaginary to accompany you” Jessi mumbled who was still unfazed even though she had a little goosebumps.

Jessi sat back down brushing her brush. Whether by coincidence or not, suddenly the brush fell to the floor.


Suddenly, the voice broke the silence there. Jessi looked down to pick up her brush which had fallen under the canvas. Suddenly out of nowhere, there was a small child standing in front of him.


That’s how Jessi felt right now, she was afraid to raise her head. It’s not just a small child, beside the little child also stands someone. Jessi, who was still looking down, closed her eyes, hoping that the figure would disappear from before her.

Jessi knew that it was the figure waiting there or maybe it was just her imagination because she was too afraid to be alone there. A few seconds later, he dared to open his eyes.

Slowly, he peeked open his eyes. The ghost figure was nowhere to be seen. Jessi raised her head and intended to continue her painting activities.

However, suddenly…


Jessi shouted loudly when she saw the two watchmen walking in front of her. Getting closer until the figure of a woman holding a small child’s hand turned to her and..


The woman’s figure smiled widely until her mouth stretched to her ears. Jessi’s body was shaking so badly that she finally fell unconscious in the room.

The next day, Jessi was still lying unconscious in the same place. It was discovered by a office boy who will clean the room.

Then, the man woke Jessi and without saying a word he immediately pulled out of the room. Jessi ran fast leaving the painting still in the room. When he got home, he called Dian to tell her about her horror experience last night.

Until then, Jessi never again painted alone in that place. He was tired of what happened to him. In the end, this story spread widely in every corner of the campus and became the talk of many students.

The Horror Story of the Crying Ghost of a Little Child in the Unesa Painting Room

Hmm, whether anyone believes it or not with the story above. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Jessi? If there is, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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