The idea of ​​using a used car tub as a comfortable bed

Of course, the bed is not only comfortable and comfortable when used for sleeping, of course you want to sleep well at night. However, the bed must also be designed to have a good design, have an attractive appearance. A minimalist bed design can be an option for those of you who like a simple design. A bed or bed is a piece of furniture or a place that is used as a place to sleep or rest.

Throughout history, beds have evolved from simple types, such as mattresses stuffed with straw to luxurious fixtures decorated with fabrics. Like many other types of furniture, beds are often seen as a symbol of social class and wealth.

Most modern beds consist of iron frames and others

Whereas in general, pickups are used to transport goods with a certain weight.

But it turns out, the tub on the pickup can turn out to be quite an interesting object, friend.

The bed from the pickup is still equipped with taillights and wheels.

You can also see the rim with the Chevrolet logo attached to the wheel.

It turns out that not only that, there are many beds made of pickups abroad, friend.

Look at the photos here.

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