The Impact of the 2013 Fuel Increase

Rising fuel prices have turned out to be a problem for the people of the lower middle class economy.

And it becomes a nightmare that must be passed by pretending to be calm for distant workers who have to use fixed means of transportation.

Yes, that’s how it is, moreover the real impact of rising fuel is not only in transportation, but also in food and goods delivery.

Wow … it turns out that it is very primary, if not handled carefully. The development of the country will falter.

As good citizens, we also have to accept the decisions of the leaders, but the leaders must also improve other sectors so that the country does not continue to be in debt.

Indonesia is a country rich in resources. But why is the fuel problem a big problem?

Yes, it’s none other than because they haven’t been able to manage the resources themselves (is this true?… or is there another reason, wkwkwk….)….well, from the past until now, it’s still like that. This means that the country’s foreign exchange does not rise rapidly.

Even though they say technological developments continue to be developed, but?

Day this I startled!

Public transportation has already determined the rate increase. Yes, that’s because the fuel increase law was passed a few days ago.

In Semarang the average increase is around 2000 – 3000 rupiah.

Monday which tight

Forced I ride bus air conditioning because accidental bus wolu which my ride strike. the ac Bus Safari. Fleet bus Solo-Semarang which is quite famous for mastering the Solo-Semarang route ( because fleet the bus which many and dominate ) rate which usually 10000 Becomes 12000 rupiah.

was I pay 10000 but the conductor said that it was less than 2000. Hehe…wow, you can cut your food money at this rate.

Even the usual bus fare goes up. Previously, Bawen Semarang was 4000 to 5000, some were 6000 rupiah.

Wow, especially before Ramadan. If everything goes up, it’s bad. Astaghfirullah.

That’s all bro

Hopefully you won’t be surprised by the increase in fuel and transportation fares. Remember to prepare an umbrella when it’s raining…hehe

Don’t let it rain, it’ll get wet.

BTW, this fuel is one of the core resources that costs a lot of money… 🙂 , including electricity huh..

Because if this material goes up, there will be lots of other sectors that will also raise prices.

Of course, yes, because no one wants to lose… the business is actually losing money, isn’t it appropriate?

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