The Importance of Data for Finding Opportunities and Growing Business

How important is data to find opportunities and accelerate business growth? By listening to data you can save your business from failure due to a lack of reading the opportunities that exist.

You have a great product, and you’ve done your audience research. But why is it still difficult to market your product? This is probably because you don’t listen and read the data less.

The research you do may describe certain things, but based on marketing data and advertising data you may end up showing that many things are different from the data from your previous research.

In this article, we will talk about how to validate data to suit your product market by striking the right balance between following your instincts or listening to your data.

1. Validating Ideas

When you have determined the product you are going to sell and the right target audience, before that, validate your idea about marketing the product. Even if you already have an overview of the product, you must still develop a clear idea of ​​your target audience. You are required to be able to imagine who will buy the product you are selling.


addition, if you don’t know about your target audience’s hobbies, what they want to do on the weekends, who their friends are, then you will find it difficult to realize your ideas and have difficulty marketing products.

By considering the audience you are targeting, And start listening to the data and start reading the opportunities that exist, then you can start marketing and working on advertising to target the audience that you believe to be the main buyers.

2. Don’t Put All Eggs in One Basket

You may have judgments about some of your target audience, preconceived judgments often result in blind spots. Just like when you want to trust instincts about your target audience, there must be something wrong with the data.


by having an idea of ​​who you think your audience might be. But don’t put all your eggs (data) in one basket. Try to divide your target audience into sections.


you have divided it into several data from your research, you can forecast the demand for the product, and when there are sales, you can validate your data earlier.

3. Make the Target Audience More Specific

When you’ve got the data from your sales, you can start specifying your target audience. Without discarding the original audience, you can allocate a larger budget to get audience data, you can also while continuing to run ad sets for other audiences.

That way, you can narrow your target audience, and you can market more products. That is the reason for the importance of data, because with data you can make your business grow more.

4. The Importance of Data Analyst


you have a sizable company, data analysis is very important. You can read information about data analysis and data mining. Data analysts really help you in determining opportunities and finding solutions for your business.

The main task of a data analyst is to collect, process, analyze ready-made data or raw data from various data sources. That way you can more easily manage data and grow your business.

The data analyst will visualize the data that has been analyzed using tools or tools that can help analyze the data so that it can be communicated with related parties to gain insight.

So as to produce decisions that can be useful, profitable, and develop the business that has been run by the company.

5. Patience in Managing Data

When you already have everything, both data, information about products, audiences and others, you have to spread it in managing data. It’s easy to get caught up trying to force a product on an audience because you don’t want to admit that you were wrong.

Take care of your emotions especially after spending hours researching and building your ideal audience. But when it comes to analyzing advertising data, it is better to adopt a practical approach and keep emotions out of the decision-making process.


the numbers dictate your direction and customize your ad. The other audience may be the bigger buyers, and ignoring what your numbers say means missing out on a big and profitable opportunity. That’s why data is important in business.

Data is very important in business, therefore you must be able to listen to data and read data to find opportunities to develop your business. That is why data is important for business progress.

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