The Importance of Overcoming the Inner Child so that it Doesn’t Affect the Mother’s Parenting Pattern on the Little One

Jakarta – Not everyone realizes that they actually have mental wounds as children that carry over into adulthood, Mother. The condition known as inner child This is obtained from the parenting received by a person when he was a child.

In psychological literacy, inner child is a condition when the mother is an adult but still has childhood emotional deposits that are not always pleasant.

Inner child tends to bad experiences that are stored in your memory so that they are embedded in your subconscious and greatly affect your adult life.

Therefore, it is important to overcome these emotional deposits because if left alone it can have a bad effect on the mother’s parenting pattern for the little one.

According to Psychologist Dr Diana Raab from Southern California, through healthline, Everyone has childhood memories that become unforgettable memories. “Not always bad memories. Happy childhood memories can be a very good way to deal with challenging times in the future,” he said.

Inner child does not always have a negative impact

Raab explains inner child not always in the form of bad memories that settle in Mother. But it can also deposit beautiful and joyful memories from childhood.

So that when you grow up, you can live life with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. If you can live all the challenges of life with a positive spirit and self-concept, you can be sure that you will too positivity spread to the Little One, Mother.

If your little one undergoes a healthy parenting pattern, they will not only be great parents, but Mother has also done it coping mechanisms the good one.

Quote from Good Therapymechanism coping is a strategy that you can do when dealing with situations that can trigger stress or psychological trauma.

By using this strategy, you can control your heart, mind, and feelings so you don’t experience more severe psychological disorders. Mother’s mental health condition is very influential on the health of the Little One too.

Then how can you prevent inner child Mother interferes with the parenting pattern of the Little One? First, let’s get to know the danya inner child yourself in this way. Click on the next page.

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