The Independent Campus Program from the Ministry of Education and Culture Gives Students the Opportunity to Study in Other Study Programs – Student Zone – The Director General of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nizam, said that the independent campus program encourages students to explore their abilities.

The independent campus program has started to run at several universities in Indonesia. One of the programs is to provide opportunities for students to study in different study programs from the study programs they take on campus.

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Study outside of the study program

Illustration of the launch of the independent campus (Photo: Sevima)

Nizam said the Merdeka Campus program gave students the opportunity to study outside their study program.

“In the past we only studied in rooms, one person focused on one study program, now with the Merdeka Learning-Independent Campus we encourage them to hone their potential in other study programs which is equivalent to 20 credits,” said Nizam through a written statement.

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Responding to Global Challenges

Illustration of an independent campus (Photo: Unpad)

According to Nizam, the campus has been given convenience in responding to global challenges. Launching from Nizam said the campus is the most important engine in accelerating economic growth and progress of the nation.

So that campuses must build synergies with the Industrial and Business World (DUDI), local governments, communities, banking and business incubation also need to be strengthened.

“Kedaireka is a matchmaking agency to bring campuses together with the business and industrial world,” said Nizam.

Nizam advised, the implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus must start by building a campus atmosphere that is healthy, safe and comfortable. In addition, campuses must also be free from intolerance, bullying, sexual violence, drugs, and alcohol.

“Intellectual health in the campus environment must produce young intellectuals who are used to different opinions, accustomed to discussing resulting in arguments in a family atmosphere,” concluded Nizam.

The Independent Campus Program from the Ministry of Education and Culture Gives Students the Opportunity to Study in Other Study Programs

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