The Key to Working Mothers Can Balance Career and Time with Children


Every woman who is married, of course, has the choice to have a career as a company worker or be productive as a housewife or housewife. Both are noble and commendable choices. Do you agree, Mother?

Talking about working mothers, in the sense of having a career as a worker in a company, the facts on the ground show that many women’s abilities are still not recognized. Most cases are still underpaid, discriminated against in work just because of their status as a mother.

This was revealed by Stacy Oentoro, Senior Investment Associate of East Ventures. He mentioned that a study from Singapore showed that Southeast Asian women still cannot balance the number of male workers.

“Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic worsens the conditions for women who are still productive at work, and makes women more vulnerable (unproductive) than men,” he said in a virtual forum event. East Ventures ‘Women with Impact’ via ZoomWednesday (16/2/2022).

On the same occasion, Avina Sugiarto, Venture Partner at East Ventures shared her experience as a mother of two children and how she balances her time as a professional and a mother.

Being the only woman in the workplace, makes Avin really challenged. So working mothers are not only dealing with who they work with, but also leadership in the workplace.

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“There are many things to overcome and many struggles. But, I am lucky to have a husband who is very supportive in supporting my career, it may be difficult to work if your partner does not support your partner’s career,” she said.

One more thing that is no less important for working mothers, according to Avin, is seeking help, Mother.

“I think for me, we shouldn’t be afraid to seek help. Don’t turn down the offer of help. I think support system it’s good for moms and dads,” he said.

At the same event, the Co-Founder and CEO of the biotechnology company Nusantics, Sharlini Eriza Putri and the Co-Founder also shared their experiences and tips for working mothers. Read the continuation on the following page.

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