The meaning behind a baby who smiles a lot doesn’t mean he’s always happy

Jakarta – It feels happy and excited, Mom when you see a baby smiling. Babies who smile and laugh more easily will certainly make the people around them feel happy too, Mother.

It seems that it doesn’t take much effort to make your little one smile, even newborns tend to smile a lot. Are you curious, Mother, what does the baby actually feel when he smiles? Is your little one really happier than other babies?

Little ones who always smile doesn’t mean they are always cheerful, you know, Mother. Contrary to what experts once believed, it turns out that your little one doesn’t always smile just because they’re in a good mood.

Quoted from RomperKathryn Smerling, a family psychologist, says that it is important to remember, Mother, if emotions are not related to your little one’s constant smile.

“Before this new study, we always assumed that babies smiled in response to the genuine emotions they were feeling. But around 6 to 8 weeks, when baby usually starts to ‘social smile’ rather than smiling as a reflex, he responds to things he can hear or faces he can see. He will usually smile at people, and less when he is alone.”

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So, your little one who often smiles could be because of the mother or father who always gives a smile or it could be from the interaction time of the little one with the caregiver.

In a study published in the journal PLOS OneResearchers have found that when your little one smiles, they actually have a goal, Mother, which is to make the person they smile smile back at.

Well, you know what, for 12 months, your little one’s smile will turn into a way to express pleasure, communicate with you and develop their sense of humor. Check the detailed steps on the next page, Mother.

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