The Meaning of Leticia’s Name, It Was Inspired by Sheila Marcia’s Book in Prison


Sheila Marcia once went through difficult times when she had to languish in prison due to drug cases. He had received negative views when he went through it all, Mother.

Now, Sheila is living happily with her husband, Dimas Akira. This 32-year-old woman began to organize her life with Dimas and her four children.

Her dark past makes Sheila learn a lot about life. He didn’t want to hide it from the baby if one day they asked, Mother.

“So if you have time to come in and explain my past and be honest, I’m in,” Sheila Marcia said to Anji, who is the father of her first child, Leticia.

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“For example, they see prison ‘these are bad people like this’. I said ‘not all are bad people, someone makes a mistake in their life, what is it like? Yes, Mama used to use drugs and was arrested. That crime I do, but you’re self-destructive for yourself, so don’t do that when you’re big’. That’s one example,” he continued, quoted from MANJI world YouTubeThursday (10/2/22).

Sheila admitted that her own children already knew about the difficult times her mother had gone through. Sheila doesn’t seem to want to cover it up.

“And the others, the whole negativity I am, they know,” he said.

Like Sheila Marcia, Anji has also been in the same condition. Some time ago, Anji had tripped over a drug case.

The 43-year-old singer is also open with her children, Mother. He tried to explain about his actions that should not be imitated by children.

It’s actually nice to talk to children when they can accept it. If it’s like Saga (Anji’s son) he’s critical, he’s already been asking questions,” said Anji.

When giving an explanation, Anji did not even hesitate to show his portrait when he was arrested for a drug case. He wants the baby not to be sad and this is a note for him not to repeat the same act.

“Yes, I mean explained that this is indeed something that is not done, that’s why I was punished. I’ll give you a video or photo in the media where I’m handcuffed, so don’t be sad, but I don’t want to repeat again,” he said.

The difficult times that Anji went through were a little different from Sheila Marcia. Sheila was imprisoned while pregnant with her first child.

While in prison, Sheila is looking for a name for her baby. The name Leticia has a special meaning in the heart of this woman whose full name is Sheila Marcia Joseph.

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