The Ministry of Education and Culture is Opening Cross Island Student Exchange, Check Out the Terms – Student Zone – Good News! The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is currently launching a student exchange program between universities in Indonesia for one semester. The program called the Independent Student Exchange is beneficial for students.

This program will certainly have a positive impact if it is properly maximized and followed by students.

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Nadiem Makarim’s Expression Against Student Exchange

Student exchange submission (Photo: Suara)

Nadiem Makarim stated that this youth exchange program was carried out outside the island. So that students can really explore their respective cultures which are born in various ways from various regions in Indonesia.

“We urge university leaders and lecturers to encourage students who are in the third semester to the final semester to register as participants in the student exchange program,” said Nadiem in a teleconference.

The expression from Nadiem Makarim is nothing but to encourage students to be superior and achieve. In addition, these activities provide many benefits to students and the campus in general.

“We hope that our lecturers can encourage students to take part in the independent student exchange program and not prohibit students from participating in this program,” he said.

The hope from the Ministry of Education and Culture is not just an ordinary hope, but a desire from the Ministry of Education and Culture in improving the quality of students.

The Director General of Higher Education, Nizam explained the important elements of this Independent Student Exchange. Nizam said this program allows for inter-island student exchanges from PTN to PTS or vice versa. Universities are required to provide conversion and recognition of the semester credit system (SKS) of 20 credits for students who take part in this program.

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The Ministry of Education and Culture is Opening Cross-Island Student Exchange, Check Out the Terms

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