The Most Complete And Easy Free Novel Reading Platform Without Buying Coins

The Most Complete And Easy Free Novel Reading Platform Without Buying Coins

When you’re already curious about the contents of the novel but your wallet is running low and you can’t top up coins to continue reading. This is a disaster. But, this will not happen if we know how to read free novels without buying coins.

Now, we channel our hobby of reading through novel reading platforms that can be accessed for free. Not only that, we can also access this platform both online and offline, you know!

How to Read Free Novels Without Buying Coins Easily

Filling spare time by reading novels with exciting stories is certainly very fun. Especially when the old date and payday are still long, while staying at home without doing any activities is also very boring.

In addition to providing ease of use, the average novel reading application available on this digital distribution platform is also free without the need to buy coins or subscribe.


The first platform is one that offers quite complete features and collections. Even users can also read free novels without coins with a simple and attractive appearance.

In addition to reading online we can also read this novel offline on several titles. The average novel story on this platform has a romantic genre with a romantic relationship plot.


Then the next is NovelMe which is also included in the ranks of free novel reading applications that have the most complete collection. Until now, NovelMe has been downloaded by more than 3 million users who gave satisfactory reviews on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In addition to being a place to read novels for free, we can also publish our work and earn income. Then we also participate in various events for very attractive prizes.


The next way to read free novels without buying coins is to download NovelToon on the Play Store or App Store. Because this application provides a wide selection of the latest novels and comics with various categories.

In addition, the appearance of this application is also very light by offering a fairly simple navigation. Especially for those of us who want to create our own library or want to mark the last page of the novel we are reading.


NovelPlus is also one of the platforms that provides free novels without coins that we can enjoy. This application made in Malaysia offers a myriad of interesting features and a very complete collection of novels.

In addition, readers can also contribute to becoming writers like other writing platforms. When the novel that we create has a story line that is liked by many people, it will get exposure from NovelPlus and can be used as a portfolio for applying for jobs.

Best Novel

BestNovel is also a way to read free novels without buying coins with a complete and not boring collection. Has a variety of genres from romance to comedy. In addition to also updating every day.

With features and user-friendly interface design, it also saves quota, features audio music, up to a collection of 500 popular novels and books. In addition, it also provides an offline mode that can be used when our internet quota has run out.


This novel reading application is suitable for lovers of novels as well as popular comics. Because apart from being free, it also offers a variety of interesting features and easy-to-read typography. Moreover, the novels contained in this application are available in Indonesian.

When you find a locked episode or novel title, don’t panic just yet. We can still read it without having to buy coins on HiRead. Because this application will give a reward if we successfully complete daily tasks and help friends fill the balance.


Then the next application is Wattpad which you can try as a way to read free novels without buying coins. Because even though it offers a version of the application, Wattpad can also be accessed via a browser.

With the quality of reading and also a very diverse collection, it is only natural that this application is very popular. Many stories on this platform have been adapted into films and are also popular in the market.


It is clear that this application is one of the most popular, because it has been proven that it has been downloaded by more than 2 million users. In addition to presenting free novels with various genres, ranging from sci-fi, romance, to mystery, it also provides a place for writers to publish their work.

Because GoodNovel is a free novel reading application on Android, so we can enjoy it without the need to buy coins. Interestingly, this application always provides the latest updates of popular novel titles from around the world.

8 Applications to read the novel are very recommended as a way to read novels for free without buying coins. Because all have advantages that are beneficial for users who have downloaded them to their devices.

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