The Most Creative Narrow House Stair Design Inspiration

Stair design affects many things in your home, you know!

Lately, small house designs on social media are getting the spotlight because even though they are narrow, they can have two floors and can look modern.

Utilization of building space and maximized land area certainly makes many people interested, even making it a model of a dream house.

Considering that currently the price of land, especially in Jakarta, is quite high, the presence of these narrow house designs is a design solution for millennials who want to have their own dwelling.

Maybe many people question the area of ​​​​the room and the use of stairs as access to the second floor in a narrow modern house.

As we know, yes, stairs usually take up quite a lot of space in the house. However, some of the staircase designs below, it turns out, can be chosen as a solution for a narrow room or your modern home design, you know.

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