The Most Vital SEO Terms That Beginners Should Understand

SEO terms – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is very important in the digital era as it is today because almost all businesses are marketed digitally. Businesses that cannot adapt in the digital age will be left behind. The thing that makes digital marketing more profitable is the easy access to the internet. The internet network is getting wider and faster, so even people in remote areas can access the internet. This is also supported by the presence of smartphones and gadgets in the community, making the internet accessible anytime and anywhere using the devices they have.

Seeing this opportunity, it’s time for you to learn and understand SEO. Indeed SEO is quite complex and cannot be learned in a short time. But you can learn basic or basic SEO first. This knowledge is the basic thing that you must know before learning SEO to the next stage. To make it easier to learn the basic knowledge of SEO, you must know the terms SEO terms first. Here are some very popular and vital terms in SEO that you must know:


This keyword is one of the SEO terms that you must know. That’s because these keywords will be searched first by search engine visitors. Therefore, analyzing the right keywords is the key to the success of your optimization. These keywords consist of several words that describe or refer to the services, brands, or products owned.

If there are too many short keywords, you can apply long tail keywords. These keywords must have relevance to the title, title tag, and content. What you have to remember is not to spread too many keywords in the content because it is considered spam, so you also have to know how many keywords or how many keywords you have keyword density right in your content.

Title TAG

The next term to know is the title tag. This title tag is the title of the page that will appear in the browser tab in search results. In SEO, this title tag is very helpful in identifying your blog or web page in search engines. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to create a unique and relevant title page on each page.

Meta Description

This meta description becomes a description of each article on a blog or website page. The use of a relevant and suitable meta description will greatly increase clicks on your website or blog. The thing to remember is to make the meta description interesting and not too long. Meta descriptions should be concise, clear, but still interesting. This strategy is often applied in On Page SEO.

Text Anchor

Anchor text is another word for hyperlink. Anchor text itself can lead to several interlinked links to the page or website you have. During its use, you must keep the anchor text in each article natural.

Trusted SEO Services

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By using our services, you don’t have to bother with the many SEO terms, you just have to accept it, and your website can be well optimized for SEO.

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