The Mystery of the Headless Ghost at Untag Surabaya – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are you today? I hope you are good and healthy always. Sans is back again with horror stories that make you curious. Kali Sans will take you to the University of 17 August 1945 (Untag) Surabaya.

This college was founded on August 17, 1958, as well as the first private university in East Java. This campus has many interesting stories about the dynamics of lectures so that there are mystical stories that also color the lives of its students. One of the most famous is the mystery of the headless ghost.

So, so that Zone Friends are not curious about the mystery story of a headless ghost at Untag Surabaya. Come on, Sans start the story. Eits, before that don’t forget to turn off the lights and activate the horror mode to make it more exciting! Happy reading.

The Mystery of the Headless Ghost at Untag Surabaya – Student Zone 1

As an Untag student, Dio has heard of a series of horror stories that spread among students. Even the horror stories, reached the ears of new students.

Yes, Dio is a new student at the campus. However, having just tried the pleasures of the world of lectures, he was instead fed a series of scary stories. Starting from the story of the kuntilanak tongkrongan, the ghost of a small child, to the famous one, the headless ghost.


One word that is pictured in Dio’s mind right now. At that time, he was only in his second semester and Dio took night classes because he had to work in the morning.

Usually, evening classes start at 6 pm. But this time, the lecturer suddenly announced that class would start at 8 pm.

“Good afternoon, today’s class will be held at 8 pm because I have urgent business,” the lecturer wrote in a WhatsApp message.

Seeing the message, Dio lay down on the bed again. Whereas before, he had prepared to go to campus. With the phone in his hand, he was engrossed in opening YouTube watching random videos.

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, suddenly a video about the campus appears. It’s not about achievements or anything, it’s about the horror story that became an urban legend on the campus.

Curiosity that peaked, finally made Dio play the horror video. He got goosebumps when he heard the story of a headless ghost on campus.

Moreover, the class tonight is close to the old rectorate which is famous for its urban legend. He was so scared that he felt goosebumps when he was in the boarding room.

In fact, he is not yet on campus but it feels like there is a gust of wind around him. As if someone accompanied him while watching the video.

Oops, goosebumpshe thought.

Instead of continuing to watch the video, Dio closed his eyes until he fell asleep until it was half past eight.

Gosh Keturon until it’s lunch time, pray at school, check it’s not disturbed by the devil‘ he said as he packed up his books.

It only took 15 minutes, Dio arrived at his campus. That night, unlike usual, was even quieter than yesterday. It was quiet, there were no students passing by. Even though the clock is still showing at 8 pm which usually there are still many students taking night classes.

While taking off his helmet, Dio was startled by a female voice who suddenly called out to him.

“Dio!” she shouted.

Hah? What? Surprise your crew” said Dio who immediately turned to his girlfriend named Ani.

Uh, together. I’m wedi kate passing the dewean rectorate building,” he said.

Hoalah, when the hours are okay, what’s wrongreplied Dio.

Ani looked around when Dio gave such an answer. Then, he brought his face closer to Dio’s ear and whispered something.

Come on, let’s go, the students, sing, meet a headless ghost” whispered Ani.

Dio shook his head in disbelief at Ani’s words. He quickly got out of the parking lot to go to class.

Long story short, they passed the old rectorate which was said to be a horror. Indeed, the campus is famous for horror because there are many old buildings or buildings there.

Ani was already scared from the start, so she looked back and forth to confirm the existence of the ghost.

How are you guys?” asked Dio who was surprised to see Ani’s behavior.

“Ssshhh…” he replied.

They were both silent, neither of them started a conversation. Moreover, Ani is still checking her surroundings. Meanwhile, Dio walked leisurely while looking at the rows of rooms that were there.

He felt strange, because the atmosphere was very quiet, even Ani’s hairs had tingled from the moment she entered the building. Actually, they passed this building because it was very close to the room used for the lecture later.

Fortunately, the thing they thought didn’t happen. They were safe when they passed the building and did not find the headless ghost.

We’re lucky pol, we didn’t meet this ghost ambesaid Ani.

Yo really not ono ghost, your crew is too wedireplied Dio.

Ignoring Dio’s words, Ani immediately sat down with the other students. Meanwhile, Dio sat far in the corner near the window.

For about an hour, they attended lectures. Finally, at 9 pm class has ended. Dio, who was still writing material from the lecturer, came home last.

One by one his friends had left the classroom, until he didn’t even realize that he was the last one out. Until he starts to feel goosebumps we find the surroundings are already quiet.

Wow, anj * r wes is quiet dewean maneh. I hope I don’t meet this ghost,‘ he thought.

Dio immediately rushed and decided to go back through the rectorate building because of the faster access. Slowly, he was already in the doorway to the building.


He was startled by the sound of the lights suddenly turning off. Still trying to calm down, Dio turned on his cellphone as a street light.

Fortunately, not long after passing through several rooms the lights in the building came back on. Dio felt relieved and quickened his pace to get out of the building.

At first there was nothing strange, until in the middle of the road he found that someone was standing in the middle of the building. Dio thought the person standing was a campus employee who was working overtime.

The woman’s face was completely invisible because it was blocked by the light. Out of curiosity, Dio finally began to approach the woman.

“Excuse me ma’am, are you still working?” said Dio.

The woman was silent, but still stood there. Slowly, Dio quickened his pace. The closer he got, the more visible the woman was. For a moment, Dio didn’t move and looked at the woman.

However, his legs felt so weak that he wanted to faint on the spot. While his hands were shaking violently uncontrollably, Dio’s face was very pale. The woman walked quickly towards him and Dio shouted loudly.

Tap tap tap…


Quickly, Dio ran so fast that he stumbled on his own feet. He also tried to contact his friend, Ani but failed.

Tut Tut

“Jan**k, Ani, please pick it up!” Dio muttered while biting the bottom of his lip.

Realizing that he was still in the building, Dio immediately got up and tried to run. But suddenly…


The headless female ghost figure he had just seen reappeared in front of him. Dio’s heart felt like it was about to burst, he couldn’t move when the figure walked to and fro near him.

“Oh Allah, help me,” he mumbled in a frightened voice.

When the figure was no longer visible, Dio ran out of the building. He immediately went to the parking lot and started his motorbike.

Hosh hosh..

The sound of Dio’s breath, each of which was panting as he rode the motorcycle. Until he arrived at the boarding house, he immediately entered and called his friend Ani. Then, he also told all the incidents of meeting a headless ghost to his friends.[ontemannyaAniLantasiapunmenceritakansemuakejadianbertemuhantutanpakepalapadatemannya

Because of his fear of being left behind to this day, Dio rarely almost never enters the rectorate building. Unless there is an urgent need and someone must accompany him.

From Dio’s incident, more and more students also met a headless ghost. In fact, the incident was almost the same as Dio’s, around 6 pm or 9 pm. Because of that, the ghost figure became one of the campus’s urban legends.

The Mystery of the Headless Ghost at Untag Surabaya

Hmm, whether anyone believes it or not with the story above. What do you think, have you experienced a similar incident like Dio? If there is, can you share with Sans about the horror stories on your campus. Come on, write in the comments column. See you later.

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