The Origin of Aquaman and His Strengths

Film Justice League 2017 for the first time introduced the big screen version of Aquaman, played by the charismatic actor Jason Momoa. Well this time Dafunda Comics will try to discuss about the origins of Aquaman, his powers and other facts that you may not know.

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The Origin of Aquaman

Jason Momoa Aquaman | Warner Bros

The character of Aquaman is played by Jason Momoa, an actor who has played in films Wolves. Aquaman has a real name Arthur Curry, he is half human and half Atlantean.

His mother was the queen of Atlantis named Atlanna, while his father was a lighthouse keeper named Thomas Curry. Aquaman’s parents fall in love with each other after Atlanna saves Thomas from a storm at sea.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two is not approved, resulting in Atlanna being a prisoner of Atlantis. Until then, Atlanna managed to escape and gave birth to a baby boy on the mainland, the baby named Arthur Curry.

For the good of Thomas and his son, Atlanna was forced to leave the two of them and return to Atlantis again. Little Aquaman was only raised by his father, without a mother figure beside him.

Aquaman’s Powers (Arthur Curry)

Aquaman | Warner Bros

The following are the strengths of Aquaman. Aquaman’s main weapon is a spear capable of manipulating water. All of Aquaman’s powers are related to water. Here’s the full power.

Super Physical Strength, Stamina and Endurance

Aquaman has extraordinary physical abilities (150x the maximum strength of a normal human), as well as super stamina and endurance.


Aquaman has abilities night vision(see in the dark) extraordinary, he can see clearly even at the bottom of the sea or in low light places.


Aquaman is able to communicate with sea creatures via telepathy.

Breathing in Water

Like other Atlanteans, Aquaman is able to breathe underwater and on land, withstand the pressure of the water and move at super speed in the water.

Aquaman’s Other Strengths

Aquaman is also able to control the water around his body and is able to survive on land longer than ordinary Atlanteans. In addition, because Aquaman is of royal descent, he has far better abilities than most Atlanteans.

Aquaman’s Weaknesses (Arthur Curry)

Aquaman | Warner Bros

Aquaman must return to the water within a certain period of time, otherwise his abilities will decrease (weak). But in the latest DC film – Justice League, Aquaman doesn’t look weak. Even if you have been out of the water for a long time.

Aquaman Profile

The original name Orin (atlantian), Arthur Curry (Human)
Species Mixed Human – atlantean
Country America
Place of Origin
Creator Paul Norris, Mort Weisinger, Jackson Guice, Kurt Busiek
Fiction world
DC Universe
Cooperation Justice League, OTHER

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