The Positive & Negative Sides of Liquid JHT at the Age of 56 According to Financial Experts


Recently, the government announced new rules regarding the disbursement of the old age guarantee fund (JHT), Bunda. JHT can only be disbursed when the employee is 56 years old.

JHT can be used by employees who have reached retirement age, have permanent total disability, or died. Not only that, JHT also applies to employees who stop working such as resigning, being laid off, to workers who leave Indonesia for good.

According to one financial planner, Windi Teguh, JHT is very important for workers as a guarantee for old age, where someone has entered an unproductive age but still needs living expenses, Mother. From a financial perspective, JHT is included in retirement planning which is a basic need for everyone.

“We all must experience retirement age. By having JHT which we set aside every month while we work, it is hoped that when we are no longer productive we will have funds to meet our basic needs,” he said at the time. HiMom recently.

Not only that, Windi said that the life expectancy of the Indonesian people is very high, Mother. That way, pension funds are needed because the possibility of living after retirement can reach 10 to 25 years into the future.

“Moreover, the current life expectancy is getting bigger, so after retirement we might still live 10 years and even up to 25 years. Without a pension fund, we will find it difficult to finance our lives,” he explained.

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The positive & negative impact of JHT 56 years

With this latest JHT rule, Windi said there are positive and negative sides to what will happen, Mother. Here is the row.

1. Have funds that can be disbursed

According to Windi, JHT is one way to reduce the incidence of retirement age without money, Mother; In the presence of JHT, the chain sandwich generation can be decided.

“The whole community as long as they have wages and pay JHT contributions while working will have funds that can be disbursed later. This will eliminate concerns that a retirement age generation who has no money will eventually have to be borne by the family,” he added.

“After breaking the chain sandwich generation, As a result, future generations will be more capable financial which is enough for the family without having to be burdened with the costs of the previous generation,” continued Windi later.

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