The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here’s How

The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here's How
The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here's How

For those of you who like to hang out in cafes, of course, you are already familiar with the term contemporary drink. Currently, there are many businesses engaged in this field.

As the name implies, this one business sells beverage products that are contemporary and have a unique and delicious taste.

Some beverage products that are quite popular and much liked by young people are Mango Thai, Bubble Tea, Thai Tea and Chocolate Drinks.

In addition to this business being easy to run, this business also has a large enough opportunity with a fairly high profit.

Not even a few of the businessmen who are still fairly newbies in this field are able to get a turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah in one month. Here are tips for those of you who are interested in running this contemporary beverage business.

The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here's How

1. Use Quality Raw Materials

Of course, so that your product is liked by many consumers and is able to compete with competitors, then you need to prioritize the quality of the raw materials for drinks and the taste that you will sell later.

To determine quality raw materials, of course, here you need to do a little research first.

In addition to quality raw materials, you also need to make the drink taste better than competitors’ drinks.

For example, here you want to sell Boba drink beverage products, then you need to learn first how to make the right dose.

In addition, learn how to make a delicious and soft Boba drink. You also have to pay attention to the choice of the brand of tea and milk that will be used. Even though this seems trivial, in fact it can affect the taste of the boba drink that you will sell later.

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2. Selling More Than One Drink

By selling more than 1 type of drink, it will increase your chances of getting more customers.

The profit you can get will also be more leverage than you only sell one beverage product. There’s nothing wrong with selling a variety of other drinks that are also in great demand.

For example, if you sell chocolate drinks here, then you can vary them using other menus such as chocolate drinks with toppings in the form of grated chocolate, cheese, ice cream, biscuits, fruit and others. You can also sell a variety of coffee drinks.

With a varied menu, of course, you will be able to anticipate the loss of interest from consumers in the main menu. Even by using the variation menu, it is possible for you to create a current trend.

The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here's How

3. Add Complementary Products

So that your current beverage business can grow quickly, here’s the way to do it, namely by adding complementary products. These complementary products are useful in complementing the main menu offered.

For example, if the drink you sell is chocolate, you can also add light snacks that can be used as a complementary menu for consumers who come.

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4. Create Attractive Packaging

Whether you realize it or not, packaging really influences consumers’ views of the products being sold. The more unique and attractive the packaging you use, of course it will make consumers more tempted to buy.

For example, instead of using a plastic cup, you can use a thick plastic cup with attractive designs according to the currently trending theme.

5. Find a Strategic Business Location

The most important thing in building a business is choosing a strategic location. You cannot choose a location arbitrarily, you need careful consideration in doing so.

For the current beverage business, the location that you can use is in the center of a crowd such as a campus area, tourist area, office or shopping center.

By being in a location close to the crowd, it will increase your chances of getting more customers.

6. Promote Online

The next thing you also need to do is promote. Nowadays with the development of technology, promotional activities are no longer a difficult thing to do. You can use social media that is widely available.

Or you can also create an online store which contains interesting content related to the products you sell.

If you have sufficient funds, then you can also work with influencers or food bloggers, you can use their services to promote their followers.

Besides being able to save costs, marketing through social media is able to reach more consumers.

Even with social media, it is very possible for your product to be known by many people who come from outside your city.

Why Should You Join a Community?

7. Join the Community

The next way so that your current beverage business continues to grow and does not work in place, that is you need to build a community or join a certain community.

Communities that you can join here for example the business community, the young entrepreneur community and many other communities that you can join.

By joining the community, of course you will gain a lot of knowledge through sharing between members.

By following the community it is also possible for you to expand your network. You will also have the opportunity to be able to participate in important events that involve many entrepreneurs, for example at concerts, music, bazaars, gatherings and so on.

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8. Know What Consumers Want

Knowing what consumers want is a very helpful thing in keeping a business afloat.

To find out what consumers want here you can put yourself as a consumer.

Think about what kind of drinks they want, what variations they want, attractive packaging, prices and how many portions are expected by consumers from drinks.

The Promising Business of the Contemporary Beverage Business, Here's How

You can also directly ask customers about what is missing and needs to be added from your business.

Once you know the things that need to be added or changed, then you need to make those changes as soon as possible.

9. Stay Consistent

The last way is with you remain consistent. Consistency is one of the keys to success for every businessman in running his business.

Likewise for the current beverage business. Consistent in providing taste, carrying out the latest innovations will make your business grow and progress.

Those were some of the ways you can apply when you decide to build a contemporary beverage business. Without the right tricks and tips to apply in business, it will be difficult for the business to develop.

It could even be that the business will only last for a few months. Therefore, apply the tips that have been reviewed above so that the business you build is able to survive and thrive for the next few years.