The Promising Way of the Muslim Clothing Business

The Promising Way of the Muslim Clothing Business – human beings have a tendency with unlimited needs.

One of the primary human needs is clothing. And nowadays the clothing or fashion business is a type of business that is very popular with the public.

So that we can take advantage of this Muslim Clothing Business opportunity as best we can for business land with promising prospects for the future.

Given that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, there is a need for Muslim clothing that is in accordance with Islamic law.

It continues to develop according to market demand. Examples of Muslim clothing used are Muslim clothes, robes, koko clothes, headscarves, clothing for worship such as mukena and also accessories as clothing sweeteners.

With the large market demand for Muslim clothing, entrepreneurs or business people are competing to open a Muslim clothing business.

The stories of entrepreneurs in the field of Muslim fashion have many who incised success stories.

For example, a 24-year-old woman named Dewi Permata who is a student is able to make billions of rupiah in profit in a month through this Muslim clothing business.


novice businessmen, of course, they want tricks or tips in starting this business. Here’s a surefire way of a promising Muslim Clothing Business.

1. contemporary fashion

Muslim clothing is clothing that is based on the provisions of Islamic law. Along with the development of the era from time to time, Muslim fashion models always experience fashion developments that are adapted to taste but must still meet the provisions of Islamic law.

So we as producers must be smart in adjusting fashion based on trends that occur in the midst of society.


once again it is emphasized that the modification of Muslim fashion must prioritize and fulfill the requirements of Islamic law.

Muslim clothing that is currently a trend is clothing with styles that can be mixed and matched or combined with other fashion items.

The most popular fashions are simple patterns and models so that the look you get is a flexible and semi-formal style.


producers, they must really do frequent analysis and also always update information so that we can control the state of the market.

2. Interesting theme

A Muslim clothing business must have its own theme for its products. This is very important so that each manufacturer has its own characteristics for its products.

Muslim clothing with a certain theme will be the main attraction so that this theme is what makes our product style different from other similar products.

We can call it that the theme is the identity of a product.

The uniqueness of Muslim clothing that we produce with a certain identity will make consumers always remember the fashion of our products so that they will like it.

There are many well-known Muslim fashion brands in Indonesia that have interesting themes along with their uniqueness. These include:

style="white-space: pre;"> Dian Pelangi’s Muslim clothing which has a characteristic that is the existence of a rainbow color game in each of its products

Zaskia Adia Mecca’s Muslim clothing is designed with a relaxed and simple fashion. The basic ingredients of Muslim clothing used are cotton or rayon (t-shirts).

Ria Miranda’s Muslim clothing makes consumers have a feminine, soft, elegant and calm look by using pastel colors

Then in addition to creating characteristics and uniqueness, we can also do fashion experiments.

For example, during a pandemic, we can lift the anticorona Muslim fashion style, namely by producing hijabs that are equipped and assembled directly with veils in the form of masks and many more experiments that can be carried out based on existing conditions but still comply with the requirements of Islamic law.

3. Take advantage of the moment

We can take more advantage of the moment to get more luck, but that doesn’t mean we’re good at it. In Islam there are Islamic holidays accompanied by celebrations.

So that we can maximize the marketing of Muslim clothing such as robes, mukena, headscarves, koko clothes, caps and also accessories as a sweetener appearance.


of businesses that we can do are by participating in bazaar activities, holding bazaars independently, making advertisements on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and also being able to make promotional advertisements in the form of videos on YouTube.

4. Discount price

At certain moments we can give discount prices to consumers. For example, when Eid will arrive, we can make a discounted price plan.

However, in the Muslim clothing business, we have to start putting up discount prices with a time span that is not too tight.

An example is that we can set a discounted price two months before Eid. In addition to direct discount prices, we can also create discount promos with the theme of Ramadan packages.

So consumers will get a discount if they buy the package. Then another example is that we can provide free shipping on the condition that the purchase of several items of goods.

Thus it will invite customers who are loyal to our products.

5. Online marketing

Online marketing is one of the things that must be done in marketing the Muslim clothing business. Given that currently the use of social media is very popular with all circles so that we can easily reach our target consumers.

What we can do is create an online store that is well designed and has a mature concept. So that our online store will get the trust of consumers.

What are the Tricks in the Muslim Clothing Business?

6. Great marketing tricks

In addition to online stores, we can also maximize this digital era in all kinds of ways. One example is by making endorsements to celebgrams or people with accounts that have a lot of followers on social media.

We can choose people who fit our Muslim clothing products. So that later they will promote our Muslim clothing on their accounts and this will open up a wider reach of consumers.

The selection of endorsement partners must also be considered. Some people who can be used as partners to promote our Muslim clothing products are Dewi Sandra or Ayana Moon, a Muslim convert from South Korea who also decides to wear the hijab.

7. Wholesale and resell

The last way we can try is to do wholesale and resell it. We do wholesale Muslim clothing from suppliers and offer it on our social media. In this way, you can also make a good profit.

Those are 7 tips or a surefire way of promising Muslim clothing business. Hopefully this explanation and description can be useful for business friends who have just started and be an inspiration for those who are about to start. May we become one of the successful Indonesian businessmen.