The Resilience of Expressed Breast Milk Based on How to Store it, It’s Not Always the Same, Bun

Jakarta – During the breastfeeding period, the storage of expressed breast milk does need to be arranged in such a way, Mother, so that the quality remains maximal and lasts longer.

That’s why, with different storage media, the durability is also different. Let’s find out, the resistance of expressed breast milk is based on how to store it, Mother.

Launching the CDC, following the recommendations for storage techniques can maintain the safety and quality of expressed breast milk for the health of the baby, Mother. Moreover, various factors can indeed affect how long breast milk can be stored safely.

These factors include the volume of milk, the room temperature at which the milk is expressed, temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator and freezerand the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

For storage of fresh expressed breast milk, you can store it in a warm room with a temperature of 27-32 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, expressed breast milk can last 3-4 hours, Mom.

Then, at room temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius, the resistance of expressed breast milk can last 4-8 hours (ideally 3-4 hours). Meanwhile, in an insulated cooler with an ice pack or a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, the resistance of expressed breast milk can reach 24 hours, Mother, as quoted from the page Kellymom.

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When stored in the refrigerator, fresh breast milk can last 3-8 days (or ideally for 72 hours). Meanwhile, liquid milk in the refrigerator can last 24 hours. Then, in the compartment freezer In the refrigerator, expressed breast milk can last up to 2 weeks. and on freezer independent, breast milk can last up to 6 months.

“These guidelines are guidelines for expressed breast milk for healthy term babies. If the baby is seriously ill or hospitalized, discuss the guidelines for storing expressed breast milk with your doctor, Mother,” said Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC, a lactation consultant.

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