The Right Choice for Shopping Without Leaving Home

Wholesale businesses such as online supermarkets do have a major advantage: always sought after! Especially for mothers who are reluctant to go to the market, supermarkets are the main alternative. Spacious, fully equipped rooms, to various discounts are reasons to shop at the supermarket!

But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to shop at the supermarket! Such as career women who may have to work full time or boarding children who live alone and do not have free time to shop. Not to mention the disease pandemic situation that prevents everyone from shopping and gathering or in groups, of course, making it even more reluctant to shop.

Online supermarkets are here as a solution to a shifting lifestyle

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When ordering food or sending goods can be done via a smartphone, as well as the need for easy and fast shopping. Consumers’ desire to stay at home and get everything drives supermarkets to compete in offering online shopping services.

Online shopping for supermarkets is so easy and simple. Consumers can view grocery catalogs that have been arranged based on the available categories, then add them to the shopping cart. Later when consumers want to make a purchase, they just need to be directed to the checkout page and make a payment.

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Online supermarkets can work with third-party couriers such as online motorcycle taxis. However, if you want to empower resources, the relevant supermarket can allocate some workers such as drivers to become grocery delivery couriers.

Supermarket online form

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If you are a programmer or developer, you may be interested in offering online supermarket services to business owners. There are generally 3 forms of online supermarkets, namely:

  1. Online supermarket services through online motorcycle taxis

This is one type of online shopping that is often done because it is practical. Business owners just need to apply for cooperation so that supermarket goods are available at online motorcycle taxis that offer online shopping.

  1. Manage multiple supermarkets at once through one app

An example is HappyFresh which offers services delivery to several supermarkets at once. When you open HappyFresh, what appears is a selection of supermarkets that you can shop. Later HappyFresh will send it to you.

  1. Client’s supermarket-only website or application

Now for this type of application it is considered more convenient and practical because the website and application really belong to the supermarket. An example is Lemonilo which offers healthy food supplies. In addition to buying through the marketplace, consumers can buy through a separate website at a more affordable price than third parties.

The advantage of a special website or application is that it is more integrated. Supermarket owners can easily update stock of goods and receive receipts and analyze sales results at one time.

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Besides that, of course using a website or application adds to the credibility of the supermarket, especially if the supermarket has the potential to grow and be more advanced!

One of the needs to create a special website or application for online shopping at supermarkets is a stable trusted server. Often cases such as delayed payments or slow loading cause consumers to switch to other supermarkets. Surely you as a programmer or developer do not want your work to be doubted, right?

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