The Right Instagram Marketing Technique To Attract Many Consumers

Instagram marketing technique guide. As we know, the development of online business is now increasingly rampant, by utilizing various ways through the sophistication of today’s technology which is also growing. There are so many online businesses that are carried out through social networking media, such as Twitter, Facebook to Instagram. Instagram was originally created as a social media for uploading photos or images via smartphones. This is not much different from other social media, but along with the development of online business today, the function of Instagram has begun to shift, where many business owners use it for marketing purposes.

In fact, it is undeniable that Instagram itself has produced many quality and popular online shops, which allows the online shop to have many followers, and they also interact with each other easily through comments on the Instagram account itself. For those of you who are new to using Instagram as an online business marketing medium, you need to learn the right Instagram marketing techniques and you can learn them below!

Complete Instagram Account With Details

The point here is that you must have an Instagram account with a detailed profile. With so many cases of online business fraud in cyberspace, of course, it makes consumers even more careful in choosing an online shop. They will see how the profile of the olshop is really trusted or not. Well, this is certainly influenced by information about the profile of the olshop. For that, you must complete your IG account such as a clear profile picture, biodata along with the website information you have (if any). Through this, the IG account that you have clearly has authority, as a result, anyone who sees your IG account will take it into account.

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Determining the Theme of Useful Content

Generally, large Instagram accounts have a large number of followers because they like to share useful content. Not only are they useful, but they are also consistent in sharing content with one theme. This of course makes it easier for followers to know the character of your Instagram account. This method is sometimes ignored by olshop account owners on Instagram, they mostly only use it as a promotional media every day, so they forget that social media is a place to interact.


updating posts using the specified content, it will certainly provide a number of benefits for followers. This will also of course trigger the number of followers who follow you on the Instagram account.

Using an Easy to Remember Account Name

When you choose an olshop account name via Instagram, it is necessary to consider choosing a name for the account. Because after all, an account name that is easy to remember and attractive is an account name that is easy for potential buyers or consumers to find when they are interested in buying the products being sold.


Best Quality Photos

When using an Instagram account on a smartphone for product photo-taking activities, the results are usually not as good as if you take product photos using a quality camera. For that, you also have to be selective about the best pictures or photos before uploading them to your Instagram account.

Avoid Too Much Effect

When you upload photos, of course there are still many shortcomings, so of course we use the facility to edit images on the Instagram account. However, it’s best when you want to edit photos, first consider the condition of the goods or products to be sold. So that transactions on Instagram are also successful and do not disappoint consumers or customers, because the products obtained do not match the uploaded images or photos. This of course has an important influence on the good name of your olshop if customers are not satisfied with the products they buy from your shop. Make sure the picture or photo taken is as natural as possible without many effects or edits, so that the condition of the item or product being photographed corresponds to the original.


Use Hashtags

In Instagram marketing techniques, the use of hashtags itself is important to be able to enter the posts that you enter into categories that are in all Instagram posts, whether it’s domestically or abroad. Through hashtags, it is easier for Instagram users to find the results of your posts among thousands and even millions of images of users who also upload a number of photos on IG. The method is very easy, simply by typing a sign or a fence icon (#) after the caption on the image that has been taken, so categories appear based on the number of posts from those who have used the hashtag.

Building Relationships With Similar IG Accounts

If your Instagram account is an olshop that includes women’s fashion, for example, then you have to build relationships with artists in women’s fashion on IG. You do this by commenting on each post from them, but the comments are related to the post and do not include spam. It’s a good idea to comment not using your online shop’s IG account but your personal IG account. To connect your IG account with your olshop, you can enter a link to your olshop’s Instagram account.

Offer Promotion With Terms

This point, of course, applies to every social media account, which is to carry out special promotions in the form of free items or discounted prices accompanied by conditions in it. There are many conditions that you can use, for example with Re-Gram or some kind of retweet for Twitter, LOVE posting and sharing like on Facebook. Usually requires a special application so you can re-gram posts on other IG accounts.

Don’t Forget Brand Logo

The next Instagram marketing technique is to include a brand logo. When we share visual content, it must be done based on the Instagram media itself. You can share various visual content, both the work of other people (must be with permission) or the original team, such as unique images, etc., then add your brand logo. When the image has been shared on an IG account (via the previous Re-Gram system), then other IG users will see directly your brand logo along with the account name from the Instagram used.

Show How To Make

Especially for those of you who sell drinks or food through social media, then you can upload an image with the manufacturing process or in the form of a video. Of course, you don’t have to describe everything in detail, but the main processes or just the essence. That way, potential buyers will not be curious about the details of the origin of the products being sold. You can also show pictures from planning to delivery.

Showing your Offline Stores

If you have an online store as well as an offline store, then you must show the offline store to customers to introduce how the store you actually have is. You don’t have to upload a whole picture of that part of the store. Just like the store at the front, and if there is include the name of the street to show consumers to go to the offline store that you have. That way if consumers want to visit directly, then they will be easy to recognize your store. This is also very suitable for those of you who run a culinary business through Instagram marketing techniques.