The Right Way to Answer Lecturer’s Questions About Thesis Research Locations – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. How are the final students and their thesis doing? Have you reached the stage of the thesis trial yet? So if you haven’t, you have to prepare some things that will be asked by the lecturer. One of them is about the reason for taking the location of thesis research.

Before working on a thesis, of course, students will determine the location of their research. Even in thesis exams, the location of the research is often a question for supervisors and examiners.

So how do you answer questions about the location used for thesis research? Check out Mimin’s review below.

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How to Answer Questions About Research Sites

Illustration of a thesis trial student (Photo: Mediago)

Questions about the research location that you use for your final project are often asked by lecturers. Because, from these questions the lecturer wants to test your understanding of the object under study.

Therefore, when answering questions about the location of this research, you can’t be rude. Buddy Zone must answer based on accurate data or from the results of their own observations.

Do not answer this question because the research location is close to home or a recommendation from the supervisor. Avoid answers like that which will confuse the lecturer and end up asking difficult questions. Surely you don’t want to?

Therefore, answer with your observations about the research location and give reasons. For example, you choose a research location at your previous internship or KKN.

Well, you can give reasons because you have observed the research location for several months after joining the internship program or KKN. In addition, also add that while participating in the program you have also analyzed the phenomena that are the object of current research.

Then, in order to convince the lecturer, also include temporary data from your observations. For example, explaining what phenomena you have observed while participating in KKN or internships. Don’t forget to relate it to the theory you are using. What do you think, Zone Buddy? Good luck.

The Right Way to Answer Lecturer’s Questions About Thesis Research Locations

That’s Mimin’s review of the right way to answer questions from lecturers, especially examiners regarding the location of thesis research.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures, and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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