The Right Way to Use IGTV as an Online Business Promotion Media

The Right Way to Use IGTV as an Online Business Promotion Media

Have you ever tried using the IGTV feature on Instagram?
Have you ever thought about not using IGTV as a medium for promoting your online business?
Indeed, it is certainly the first answer that comes out when asking about IGTV being used as a tool for business promotion.

Now, this time will provide an answer, whether IGTV can be used as a promotional media or not. Take a look at the following article.

What is IGTV?

IGTV, an extension of Instagram TV, is an Instagram feature for sharing video content with a longer duration than before. If uploading videos on Instagram is limited to only 1 minute, it’s different from unlimited IGTV.

So you need to take advantage of this feature as a promotion of your business. Instagram itself says that IGTV is one of the features that is always prioritized and even becomes a priority to get more viewers.

So for you business owners, this is the first step to make the feature a free promotional media event.


importance of creating long content on IGTV

Currently, many smartphone users prefer video content to photo and written content.

This is much different from before, users who save more data. This behavior is also supported by providers who are increasingly willing to sell internet data packages that are cheaper and faster, so that everyone can afford it.

It has even been proven that YouTube is one of the most widely used applications, which means that its users like long-duration video content.

So from here, businessmen should start taking advantage of the Instagram TV feature because the duration is also unlimited and can be used to convey more value to your potential customers.


you have to know how to use IGTV as a medium for promoting your business.

The Right Way to Use IGTV as an Online Business Promotion Media


Tips for using IGTV as a business promotion

Here are tips that you can use to create IGTV to grow your business:

1. Creating exclusive content

If you have limited time to use Instagram stories and content feeds, then you can create exclusive content with IGTV.

An example of exclusive content is from Brodo, a local brand that uses IGTV to present talk shows, where the talk shows can only be watched on the brand’s IGTV.

2. Making behind-the-scenes videos

In addition to Instagram stories, you can also use this on IGTV, namely making behind-the-scenes videos.

Maybe the difference is if stories are only able to show videos with a short duration, on IGTV it is able to show videos with a long duration.

You can use vlogs to video behind the scenes, so you can build trust with followers. Because followers feel that your business is real.


style="white-space: pre;"> Teach your followers about something informative

Content like this is also eagerly awaited on IGTV, because it is informative in nature, it is likely that followers will like it.

Did you know that informative content that is inserted selling is preferable to content that directly sells openly?

So for that you have to think about how to create informative content that still has relevance to the business you are running.

4. Conduct a question and answer session with followers

You can do QnA with followers, and answer various questions that are often asked by your followers.

By answering these questions completely and in detail, they will understand better.

And this is very important to do, because it can help form relationships with your followers.

The more they know and understand, the more likely it is that your product will be easier to sell.

5. Creating web series

Have you ever made a web series video sponsored by a brand? Well, you can also do this on IGTV.

Some forms of web series content that you can use are vlogs, documentaries, or serial short films.

Of course this can provoke followers to continue to follow updates from your business Instagram.


style="white-space: pre;"> Cross Promote videos on IGTV

There are not as many Instagram TV fans as Instagram feeds and stories content. But you can outsmart it by promoting your IGTV videos to the post feed.

Because Instagram itself provides an IGTV video feature that can be watched briefly in feeds and stories. In this way, of course, will make many users who watch it.

So don’t forget to make sure the content of the video prefix is ​​interesting enough to make people curious. And continue to watch it until the end.

The Right Way to Use IGTV as an Online Business Promotion Media

7. Optimizing Video Titles and Descriptions on IGTV

Make sure you specify the title of the video, Instagram itself allows writing the title of 75 characters, but it will be truncated, so you only need to display 50 characters. So make sure the title contains important keywords.

For the description, you can write as many as 220 characters. You can also include hashtags that are still relevant to your video, so that its reach is wider.

So here you don’t forget to provide a link to a sales web page or something else. In order to be able to generate traffic.

8. Using attractive IGTV thumbnails

Similar to videos on YouTube, IG TV also uses optimization techniques by way of attractive thumbnails.

For that you have to make interesting IGTV thumbnails so people are more curious. Because from the survey, most Instagram influencers themselves still don’t use attractive IGTV thumbnails.

9. Proper IGTV video length

What is the right length of IGTV video content? Actually there isn’t, but users don’t like videos that are too long, if they are boring.

Users prefer to watch videos for only 10 to 13 minutes. And only 25% of users like videos longer than 20 minutes.

For that you can create video content that is not too long, but has interesting content.

Don’t forget that the first 10 to 12 seconds are a crucial start in whether people will watch the video or not. If the beginning of the video is not interesting enough, they will skip your content.

So now you know that IGTV can be used as a free business promotion medium. After you know the right tips for using IGTV as a business medium, it’s time for you to start running it.

Make good use of the various features provided by Instagram. That way you will be able to get high engagement. Hmm.. do you think the product you are selling is ready to skyrocket?