The Secret Of Chess Rush “Gurru” Quest

I think anyone here already knows or maybe playing a game called “Chess Rush”, right?
I play this game, sometimes I get mad because I lose but I keep trying to win, haha.
Chess Rush is a chess game strategy (in this game, you will play chess with several different characters). You can play classic, turbo (I love to play this mode 👌), and squad (4 players in 1 team).
You can play this game at Android, iOS, and PC (with the emulator I guess)

If you play this game, the strategy is key, but luck also plays a role! 👧The main gameplay in Chess Rush consist of:

  • Abilities
  • Classes
  • Heroes
  • Items
  • Levels
  • Mana Crystals
  • NPC
  • Races
  • Quest

You can choose eastern, dragon, jelly, goblin, beast, elf, human, undead, ocean born, cyborg/mecha, void, a demon to win 1 game. You must combine several combos to win. You can make it yourself, or follow the recommendations from the game Chess Rush.

But today, I’m not gonna tell you about combos, lol. I’ll tell you about something called “Gurru Quest“.
Some of my friends from Thailand asked how I could get many shards that could be exchanged for (I never bought anything in this game with real money).

So I will tell you a tip for completing the “Gurru Quest / Gurru Exam / Ujian Gurru” in the Chess Rush. After you complete this quest, you will get some pieces that you can combine to play Gacha.
The Secret Of Chess Rush “Gurru” Quest is,

  • First, you should open your game.
  • Go to Mission/Quest
  • See Gurru Quest / Ujian Gurru (List number 3). Example quest maybe “Upgrade your hunter to level 3 and finish the game or something like that.
  • Back to your main game
  • Choose mode “Bot” (playing with AI)
  • Pick hero/races that you should complete for Gurru Quest
  • After that, you can get your prize.

Well, I’m already trying this one much time. And success. See below for a screenshot.

Playing with Bot / AI
Pick or select number 3 from Mission / Quest

I hope this one can help you finish Gurru Quest.
Comment here if you already try and success 👀
Stay safe and home everyone 👩

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