The solution for those of you who are lazy to cook from “Lazy Cooking”

Some people who live and live in urban areas must be accustomed to the hectic routine and time spent on the road because they have to struggle with Jakarta’s traffic jams.

This routine, of course, takes up a lot of time where the time taken up makes some important activities neglected and one of them is cooking.

But even so, fortunately, there are currently many innovations in the food sector where you can shorten the time in the cooking process.

One of these innovations can be seen from the emergence of packaged processed foods that can be eaten at any time and one of these processed producers is a brand called Malas Masak.

Malas Masak kowani is a brand founded by Haris Hatta Rahman that focuses on the production and sale of preserved processed foods to make it easier for people who have a busy routine to eat healthy and nutritious food at home.

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In addition to making processed food, Lazy Cook also produces a variety of kitchen spices that can be directly used for people who want to cook at home.

In marketing his products, Haris uses an online sales system by utilizing an e-commerce platform and the platform he chooses is LaDaRa.

With the information he got from his mother about LaDaRa and its potential as a selling platform, it didn’t take long for Haris to decide to join LaDaRa and start selling.


selling at LaDaRa, Haris admitted that he did not admit the significant difficulties because so far he had been greatly helped by the presence of agile customer service.

“I think that LaDaRa’s customer service is very cooperative, so there is no need to be confused if you find difficulties while selling at LaDaRa.”

In addition, he also said that since joining LaDaRa, the market for his products has become wider and has an influence on increasing sales and he also hopes that LaDaRa will progress so that the market and sellers can also increase as he said.

“My hope for LaDaRa in the future is that it can become one of the major e-commerce sites that can compete with loyal consumers, which of course can have an impact on the market and sales of my products.”

Starting from a solution to the problems of urban communities, Haris managed to open a profitable business.

You too can be like Haris by joining together LaDaRa.

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