The Story of Mother Raising Children in Czech, Gets Rp193 Million Maternity Fund for 3 Years


Living abroad can be costly. However, some countries actually lighten the burden on households for childcare purposes. As experienced by the following couples from different countries.

Echa is an Indonesian woman who now lives in the Czech Republic after marrying a foreigner named Jakub. Now, the couple who married in early 2020 have been blessed with a child. They get a lot of help from the government there, Mother.

After moving to the Czech Republic, Echa briefly worked before finally quitting due to pregnancy. HiMom has asked Echa’s permission to share her story with readers. Echa told me that at that time she had to stop working after getting pregnant.

“When I was pregnant, I worked at a company. When I had worked for 3 months, I became pregnant. There I had a craving I couldn’t do anything. At that time I was really pregnant badly, it was difficult to eat and drink, so I had to stop working, ” said Echa, quoted from the YouTube channel Echa & JakubMonday (14/2/22).

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Leaving work makes Echa no longer a career woman. Even so, she received assistance from the Czech government to meet her needs during her pregnancy. The assistance continued until he raised a child.

“So when I stop working, my contract is still there. I still get money even though it’s only about 60 percent of my salary per month. The first two weeks the company pays, and the rest comes from the government. Even though it’s not as big as salary, at least it can lighten our burden,” he said. .

According to Echa, the money is enough to help meet their daily needs. The reason is, currently only Jakub works to earn a living for their family. Meanwhile, Echa is only a housewife. The program is an effort by the Czech government to ease the burden on residents such as Echa and Jakub.

This couple from different countries was finally blessed with a girl child. The little baby was named Clara. After Clara was born, the couple again received help from the government.

Even so, they have to go through a long process to get help. Read on the next page, Mother.

Watch the video of the life story of the Indonesian midwife who is married to a Moroccan man.

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