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IA FAMOUS FOR POWER, agility, and friendliness throughout the world of climbers.

Unlike most climbers, he doesn’t use a bag carrier big. Even so, the load carried is almost three times that of normal climbers.

At the age that is no longer young, his eyes are still alert from a distance watching the completeness of the climbers he guards.

Veins sprouted in his muscular legs, his skin was sunburnt, his strength and incredible speed embarrassed the young climbers who were too proud of his sojourn in the land of the goddess Anjani – myself included.

With all the heavy equipment and logistics, he always runs ahead. It’s not that he’s impatient waiting for his client who’s walking slowly, but he wants to make sure that when the climber he’s guarding reaches the post, the tent is up and hot food and drinks are ready to be served.

With flip-flops, he gallantly drove like a war tank. Only a scabbard protects him from the cold mountain weather. No doubt, the tent he used was just a ‘bivouac’ with tarpaulin and bamboo.

Incredibly, with all that burden he still smiled. Greet every climber he meets. They are the ones who make the beauty of Rinjani more colorful.

Thank you porter!

nb: next time to Rinjani, I will hire a porter!

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