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The four hour flight from Kupang is quite tiring. After chasing a plane that was about to take off while fasting, I was very grateful that I was still able to fly. Maybe five minutes late I can’t go back to Jakarta. All because of my flight from Ende, Flores, which was delayed by three hours. It’s okay, maybe a little trial at the beginning of this fast.

Arriving at Soekarno-Hatta, I immediately looked for a taxi to go straight home. I got a blue taxi fast. As usual, I enjoyed chatting with my travel companions. The pleasantries are opened by asking where they come from, where they live, and the like.

“Wow, you just opened at this hour?” asked the driver.

“Yes sir. I was flying using lion air, I wasn’t given any food at all. Even though the flight is four hours,” I said.

“Wow, that’s how it is, sir, if the lion is stingy, it’s been like that and it’s been delayed, right?” asked the driver.

Indeed, for some reason every time I ride the lion it always gets delayed. Maybe I’m the one who’s always unlucky to fly with them. But, this is the month of fasting, why don’t you just give a glass of water? This airline should improve a lot, because they are already very famous for the LION pun (Late is our name).

“I’m a bit lazy when it comes to passengers at the airport, sir,” the driver suddenly said. “Oh, why sir?” ask me.

“Yeah, there were a lot of clothes, ouch, how come it’s like there’s not enough material. You are so nervous, even though you are fasting,” complained the driver.

I laughed at the driver’s story. With its Javanese accent, the story sounds very funny. The car continued to accelerate at a speed of 120 km / h on a Sunday night. The airport toll road to Tangerang is very quiet. Our conversation continues to the topic of fasting to family.

“Earlier from Kupang, sir? Did you go for a walk or what?” asked the driver.

“Yes sir, while on vacation from college. After traveling to Flores,” I replied.

“Ohhh, he’s still in college, isn’t he? Still young, still free. It’s not like you are now, the important thing is that your family can be full, you’re already happy,” said the driver.

“Is that so, sir? hehe that’s how it should be, sir. How many children do you have?” I asked curiously.

“You already have four friends, the little one has just entered elementary school, the biggest one is in 3rd grade. The younger one was already fasting. If fasting pull I give you ten thousand a day,” he said, laughing.

“Wow, there are so many children, sir? How old were you when you got married?” I continued to ask.

“My father married at the age of 25, mas. Marry young so that the sustenance runs smoothly. Alhamdullilah, before the age of 30 father already had his own house. This is indeed your goal, the main thing is to have a house first. Moso has a wife and doesn’t have a house, where do you want to put it later? hahaha,” said the driver, still chuckling.

“But yo sir. After marriage, don’t forget to be filial to your parents. Many people who after marriage they seem to forget their parents. You can feed other people’s children, but the parents themselves are not taken care of. Forgot who fed them first,” the driver continued.

deg. Even though I’m not married yet, I feel like I’m still very unfilial to my parents until now.

“The most important thing is the parents first. Put them first. Even if we want to repay the service, of course it will never be reciprocated. Then take good care of the wife. God willing, the sustenance is not going anywhere. I’m just a taxi driver like this but still enough for my wife and four children, “he said with a smile.

Didn’t feel the taxi had stopped in front of my house. Mother was waiting right in front of the house. I feel very happy to see Mother’s face.

Thank you taxi driver for the warm conversation. You really made my day.

The best human being is the one who is generous and grateful in spaciousness, who puts others first, is patient in adversity. – proverb

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